Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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  • I will donate to BRP for this service.

    (obviously mashton has to do it)

  • Shocking right....

  • I saw the homophobic attack, didn’t know about this.

  • I haven't seen that, I'll have a look.

  • Now that was a great day!
    Crazy now to think that I managed to get a custom made, custom painted Brooklyn Machine Works bmx frame/fork/stem as the first prize! That must be worth a fortune now! :)
    Seeing about 50 bmxers going both ways around Elephant and Castle roundabout was an awesome sight!

  • Thanks once again for the donations folks.

  • Nope. I finished third but Tom who did win was fucking miles ahead.

  • To be fair, his seatpost and gearing definitely helped. :)

  • I thought I was going to die on the way there, carrying 50 tee shirts and 3 bottles of champagne... Riding my full suspension bmx. :)

    But the ride back with object, sans bag was fucking awesome. :)

  • It'd be nice if we could just have nice things, but it is 2019, so we can't.

    Edit: except for BRP! That's a nice thing we can have!

  • Part of me thinks you should market the table design, say a few quid for the plans, as it looks really handy for the space conscious.

  • I have never met or really interacted with Scott in the past but I watched enviously from the sidelines first time round BRP existed as I didnt have money to buy at that point. This thread and gofundme came up and I read the thread as it did and made a mental note to go ahead and donate at some point. MY memory is terrible so I didnt. It got bumped today and it reminded me, so now I did.

    I read the remaining 12 pages of the thread and my god what a stuck record. Scott's intentions were very obviously clear. I think it took a lot of fucking guts to even reach out and ask for peoples help in this manner. If I had the money to put in all of the remaining, I would. And I would expect nothing in return. Im also gutted I missed out on the black tees and that the grey tees didnt go ahead because I didnt sub to the thread. (I now have.)

    Good luck Scott. I hope you get this off the ground and one day I will be able to own one of those bags, bar bags, saddle bags, hip bags.

    Keep grinding fella, anything worth anything dont come easy.

  • Your generosity is much appreciated.
    I will happily do another run of tees or hoodies, but unfortunately I can't afford to do it without a full list. I'm putting every penny into the machining at the moment.
    To be fair, the run of grey tees was very soon after the black, so I'm not surprised there weren't enough takers.
    Everything is still moving forwards though and I'm very happy with the way certain parts are looking at the moment.
    As I said, I wish I could update you more, but I need to keep things to myself until the design is nearer completion.

  • +1 on another black tees run.

  • Yeah! I'd be up for a tee.

  • I have one in the bank!

  • +1 for a tee for me

  • Realistically, how much does selling Tshirts get you?

  • Any profit is still profit, so can go straight towards the next part that needs paying for.

  • Well - you have to thank perdito for keeping this thread in the eyeline - no such thing as bad publicity. Good luck with everything.

  • @Black_Rainbow_Project

    How much does it cost to do a run of t shirts?

    Perhaps a few of us could club together to make an interest free loan to cover these costs. You design, get orders etc for the product and we loan you the money to cover manufacturing costs.

    You sell the t shirts repay the loans and keep the profit.

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Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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