Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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  • Still wearmy BRP tshirt from last time a run was done :)

  • I like this idea too.

  • I really think you need a business/office manager dude. Someone who takes all the client-side and bs leaving you to simply craft.
    Also be useful to have someone with their nose in a calender who can help keep you on track.

    Second and third the t-shirt idea, a lot of people would do anything to have even one BRP item (they aren't lucky like me).

    Just started a new job so money will be spoken for in the first couple of months. If I can donate I will.

    Happy to help out with shirts or anything else too.

    Good luck.

  • Can't you find a job for now that pays a bit better then being a cycle courier, to make it easier to save some money? Maybe work where you can already use your sewing skills?

  • Scott's work is driven by a labour of love.
    That's what made his bags head and shoulders above anyone else's.

  • I mean to save up money to get his company going again! I see that his products are amazing.

  • To put the job thing in perspective...
    The last sewing job I was offered was from a very well known bikepacking bag brand... They offered me twenty grand a year... Before tax.... And that was despite having nearly 20 years of sewing and bagmaking experience.

    I also don't have another 4 years to save up for this. My eldest son is in his second year at Uni, my rent on this space is high, building a new workshop and meeting suppliers minimum order quantities is expensive... Hence I made a plan, and launched a gofundme, like other businesses do in this situation.
    Hopefully it will work, but if not, I'll have to think of something else.
    To those of you who have donated, thanks so much... It really helps!

  • I think it would help if you had a plan for what the gofundme money is going to, if you’re set on that route.

    What do you need? A bartacking machine? A 300sqft studio in East? Help making a website?

    +1 to ma3k’s comment. No business plan = no plan for any business to be sustainable.

  • Not sure if I'm missing something here... But who decided I didn't have a plan?
    It even states in the gofundme story what the money is going to, the current workshop situation, etc.
    This is the whole reason for launching the gofundme... Because the next stage of the 'plan' is to get the workshop built and the materials ordered.

    Maybe the story is a case of tldr? :)

  • I have read it, I think you should spell out how much money you need for what.
    And I could help you find a studio, or help you make a website, that would be fine.
    As it is now it's a charity donation page to a business, which just seems weird to me.

  • There's a whole section in there about how I've put everything I have into renting and renovating a new place which will house the workshop, so you must have missed that bit?
    Also I don't think anybody on gofundme lists everything the money will be spent on, with amounts next to it.

    Gofundme is exactly what it says, and my campaign shows the same information that most show.
    It basically IS a charity page to a business for everyone who launches a campaign on there.
    It relies on good-hearted people donating to help a person or business they believe could be worthwhile to get up and running, for nothing in return but seeing that happen and feeling good that you helped it to.

    Again, thanks to those who have helped. No worries to those who find it weird, or don't wish to donate. :)

  • Unless I missed it, you don’t detail how it’s going to be sustainable this time round. You also state if you get enough funding you’ll be able to employ other people so you don’t have to compromise on quality?

    What is the plan once the donations are used up? What’s going to be different this time? Seems like that’s the most critical issue.

    @handtightenonly once offered you some business advice, not sure if still on offer but might be worth taking him up on it.

  • I still don't get it, but I'll leave the discussion here.
    I hope very much to own something by BRP soon.
    And I would very highly recommend the t-shirts.

  • I do wonder how far the £6,000 will actually go alright... it may seem like people are being terribly critical here but I do believe it's coming from a place of wanting to help. Have you worked out a structured business plan detailing all costs and a timeline for implementation? I'm sure there are lots of people with great business acumen here who would be willing to provide some guidance/ mentorship for the business and of things . I know when we received similar help in our business it made a huge difference to us!

  • Please read the go fund me page... Scott has a plan whether it works or not is another matter, and quite frankly luck tbh.
    But he has quite possibly the best messenger bag in the World with more products to come.. and experience of his previous business. Let's get behind him.

    It's so refreshing to see so much commitment to a passion rather then working in a soul destroying job because it pays well, like so many.
    Let's remember that many successful business have been built off the back of a series of failures. Henry Ford for example was bankrupt twice before he set up his motor company.
    In this country sadly we don't encourage people enough to pick themselves up and dust themselves off and start again. That's why companies like Microsoft/Apple/Google/face book are all across the pond.

  • Thanks for that @wildwest

    Unfortunately people have just assumed that I have no business plan in place, haven't worked out figures, don't have help from anyone else, still need to find a workspace, and various other things... Which I guess is fair enough given my track record.
    However, I'm not going to post my business plan on here, gofundme, or anywhere else as it's neither required, or necessary, which is why other people don't do it either.

    The gofundme story tells you what I need the money for, it tells you where I am with regards to the workspace, it tells you that I will be working with other people to allow a higher volume of products to be made, while still maintaining the high quality I demand. I've also explained on here the next stage if the gofundme is successful.
    So the biggest difference this time around is that I'm not going to be doing EVERYTHING myself, and there will be a greater volume of products being manufactured.
    I have the plan, I have designs, I have suppliers, I have the workspace, I have help, and most of all I have passion for what I do.
    While passion may not pay the bills on its own, it gives me the drive I need to design truly unique products rather than copying other people's ideas.

    I'm going to make a success of Black Rainbow Project one way or another, whether it's through the kindness and generosity of other people, or whether I have to sell every single thing I own.
    Either way, I'm not done yet!

  • Again, huge thanks to those of you who have hard feelings to those who haven't.
    Anything you can spare is massively appreciated... I've been mistaken for a homeless guy many times, so as The Temptations once sang... "ain't too proud to beg" :)

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  • rather than copying other people's ideas.

    Maybe this is where you’re going wrong, look at how other businesses have managed to build successfully. Could be useful.

  • As it is now it's a charity donation page to a business, which just seems weird to me.

    This. Social norms and market norms shouldn't be mixed.

  • classic lfgss thread.
    Good luck Scott!

  • Different people have different ideas of 'success' and what is considered 'right'.
    If I can't make my business a 'success' without copying other people's designs I would rather bow out gracefully.
    It may not make sense to you, or anyone else... But I value my pride more than I value profit.
    I intend to make BRP a success, and when I do, I'll be proud that I did it without copying anyone else.

  • Is a regular business/startup loan not an option, if the GoFundMe doesn't work out?

  • If I can't make my business a 'success' without copying other people's designs I would rather bow out gracefully.

    I read it as @TM saying you should "copy" other people's approach to business management, not bag design!

  • Scott - good luck with this and I see why you're doing it, no strings cash to inject into your business...

    But I'd be interested in your response to @mashton 's question about equity, which you seemed to interpret as up-front money for a bag at some point in the not-too-distant future. Taking equity investment means getting input and advice from someone who has a real interest in your business being a success, which could be far more useful than a few grand. But maybe you have all the answers this time?

  • Scott, I humbly offer my services as free labour now and again at the weekends(assuming you’re still east) to help get the workshop up and running. I’m not the greatest chippy but I’m behind you on this.

    People should maybe not talk about copying others designs or it has the potential to get personal.

    C’mon people, it’s Scott ffs!!

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Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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