Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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  • To those of you who have donated already... Hopefully the money will allow me to start ordering some of the parts needed to build my sewing and cutting tables.
    I will update with pictures as soon as things start to take shape.
    Thanks again for your help.

  • The amateur detective work going on here is a bit sad. Will chuck in a fiver on pay day, Good luck to you BRP

  • Why after all these years to some people need to twist the knife? Donate if you wish, Don’t if you’d rather not.
    We know Scott knows his onions when it comes to bags. Let’s try and see a friend into the future instead of repeating the past.

  • As a question what are the tax implications of something like this? Can’t quite work out how that would work. Sorry for being boring.

  • Yep it is a boring questio, but it late and I'm bored. these donations are part of set up costs and not income.. any tax that is liable will be if Scott sells assets or the company or part of it.
    Don't think that's really part of the business plan at the moment considering Scott has even started sewing yet.

  • Most of the people on here are wishing you success. You have had some good offers of time, business developement advice and investment from those in a position to help.

    Are you in correspondence with anyone regarding this?

    The real offers of assistance (not just money) are being made by people that have been following your story from before Gro-Bag Towers who genuinely want to see you back on your feet creating unique products.

  • Fuck me... this is a bad place to be sometimes... what have you got to gain by bringing up something that happened years ago... I missed the BRP the first time round and hope the business can get off the ground again... just because you can comment on a thread, it doesn’t mean you should. Good luck Scott, I’ll try and sort some cash out for you

  • Donated - good luck!

  • Friday bump...

  • Thanks for the bump Erik...
    I will be ordering the first parts needed to build the new tables this week...
    I'll get there somehow... One step at a time.
    Thanks again for the support to those who have donated.

  • Thanks to the generosity of the minority I've been able to take the first small step towards building my new workshop.
    A weekend of careful measuring and then I'll be ordering the tubing to slot into these joints.
    Thank you so much to the few of you who have donated, but I am a LONG way off my target, so any help from those of you who believe Black Rainbow Project is worth backing will be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance!

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  • Only just coming to this having been away from here for a while. Donation made, Scott. You have the know how to make this a success, and coming from someone who's tried numerous times to start a business (and failed), I know how difficult it is. All the best (and have a bump).

  • Thanks so much for the donation! I'm getting there step by step now! :)

  • Good luck dude not in a position myself but I can't see why someone with the financial clout and a little business knowledge has not invested in you
    as you products are amongst the best out there
    If I were in a position financially I would not give it a second thought
    I fire over a small donation to help your good cause
    All the best

  • Thanks for the donation Swampie... It's much appreciated!
    I'm getting there a step at a time.

  • As requested, there will be a new run of BRP logo T-shirts and Hoodies.
    I'll post a proper ad with the details and options early next week once I confirm everything with the guy who does my printing.

  • Wasn't around here when BRP stuff was being made, but sick to see the whole story and it being restarted!

  • Rad! How about keychains or patches?

  • Hello Scott just caught up on this donated. wishing you the best of luck and have always wanted one of your bags.
    Still got my tee and get quite a few comments asking about it.

  • Just donated to get you upto the £1k mark. Hope all is going well. Best. T

  • Thanks so much for your donations Tom and Richard! Getting to the £1000 mark is a big confidence boost for me.
    By early next week I will have almost everything ordered for the new tables. It will take a few weeks for the tops to arrive, but putting it all together should be relatively quick.
    The next step will be setting up and checking my machines to make sure they haven't seized in storage. All being well I'll be able to start sewing again then for the first time in years!
    The thought of being able to create again makes me very happy! :)

  • There will be a brand new keyclip on the way! This one will be using custom made hardware.
    At the moment I'm still trying to sort out a suitable place to do the machined aluminium parts after the intended place turned out to be a dead end.

  • custom made hardware

    Out of interest why go to the expense and effort? I can only imagine the per-unit-cost to be far higher than bulk buying the excellent hardware you had previously, and sounds like you need to get products out of the door ASAP to get some cashflow*.

    Perhaps save the experiments for "limited edition" runs later down the line?

    *I know nothing about running my own company, but I have owned Archies and BRP products, all of which were great!

  • I have to agree.. it's important concentrate on 'bread and butter' products first that can provide stable income and then use surplus the create bespoke products that may not make much money but will create publicity but will maintain a market interest.
    This is basically the business model for most high end automotive manufacturers.

  • @Black_Rainbow_Project
    why “black rainbow”;

    are you colour blind?

    what was your company / collective called before again?


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Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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