Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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  • I'm not going to say too much on here as the gofundme campaign tells the full story already...But I really need the help of both the London, and the worldwide cycling community.
    Nobody is more aware than me of the mistakes I've made in the past with regards to my ability to run a bag business, and I know they've been well documented on here.
    But I hope you will reserve judgement until you read the full story.
    I truly feel that this is my last chance to make Black Rainbow Project the success I know it can be.
    I have some amazing ideas that I would really love to turn into finished products, but I can't do it without your help.
    So if anyone out there believes in me, and would like to help me turn my passion into my profession I would be eternally grateful.
    The link is below and it would be great if you could help me to spread the word by posting it wherever you can.
    Yours sincerely,

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  • Did a donate fella, hope it helps and all the best in getting BRP on the go!

  • Thanks so much for the support!

  • Great to hear this... any chance of running a kick starter type funding along side this?

  • At the moment I need to get the actual workshop built and materials and hardware ordered to allow me to get the new designs made, tested, and finalised.
    Once that is done and I'm ready to get the first production run rolling, I will be considering kickstarter for that stage.
    But it's all dependant on the gofundme being successful, so hopefully enough people are prepared to support me.

  • Lunchtime bump.....

  • Thanks for the donation! You guys rock! :)

  • Donated and shared, glad to hear you’ll be dusting off the machines soon..

  • Awesome! Thanks Ed.... Now if I could just convince a couple of thousand more people it might actually work! :)

  • Your products look awesome, I don't wanna sound negative but do you some sort of business plan this time to make sure you can make a living of this?

  • Donated a bit as well.

  • Indeed I do. The first step was finding a suitable place to be able to live and work, the next step is building the new workshop... Which is where I really need some support.
    Beyond that everything is planned out. I just need to get to that stage first.

  • 1.55k views...if every person who just looked at this post donated few pounds...just a thought...🖤

  • I would be happy to preorder something small - mini frame bag, keychain, whatever - and wait a while to receive it, giving you the cash you need to get started.
    Does that sound fair? Thanks

  • gl scott


  • Likewise. A run of logo tees even

  • Do want a logo tee.

  • I'd be interested in buying some equity, rather than gifting cash. Have you considered that?

  • The reason struggling and small businesses choose to run a gofundme over a kickstarter is usually because they're not presently in a position to offer something in return for people's kind donations.
    Unfortunately at the moment the money is required to get BRP off the ground again, build the workshop, and hopefully fund the required new custom materials and hardware.
    If I have to give products back in return for the donations people have made, it will not only defeat the purpose of gofundme, but it will put me behind again, already owing things before I even start. :(

    As mentioned above...If the gofundme is successful and allows me to be able to head towards the first production run, I will consider running that as a Kickstarter, so that people will get something in return.
    As I'm nowhere near in a position to do that yet, I'm having to beg for people's unconditional help and generosity through gofundme instead.
    But nobody is under any obligation to donate, so if you do't want to without getting a return on your investment, I fully understand.
    All the best!

  • Thanks Jonny...I really appreciate the help!

  • For the record I’d sell a kidney(if they weren’t fucked) just to know Scott is doing his thing again.
    A true credit to London’s cycle scene.
    I’m handing my notice in tomorrow with the eye to a fresh start so I know where you’re coming from bud :)

  • Ok, but why can’t you do a run of 30 logo tees, made by someone else, priced to give you a £10 profit on each?
    You get £300 profit and a load of advertising on our bodies, we get something for our cash.

  • This is genuinely a good idea, BRP merch would sell like hot biscuits I reckon!

    I'm excited to be able to finally own a bit of BRP kit though in the future!

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Black Rainbow Project needs your help!

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