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  • Hello Dear Peoples,

    Im looking to build my criteria on understanding what makes rims good. Im a full time bike messenger, work all day in the city, (plenty of potholes and bad streets in general), and I jump and down from street to sidewalk.

    Im looking for some nice wheels, carbon or AL. It would be for my Fuji 2011 1.0 track. And needs to be machined for both front and rear brakes..

    thanks for the suggestions!

  • If you are riding all day don't get deep section rims (uncomfortable and heavy), probably steer clear of carbon too (easy to damage).

    You would be better off getting a decent set of wheels handbuilt.

    Perfect set of wheels for messlyf = Goldtec v Open Pros

  • Kinlin XR31T or XR22T

  • thanks for the input, but im dying to know, why these would be best? I would love to understand what characteristics make them the best ones?

    thanks again for the options, looking into them..

  • I just got a new handbuild wheelset a few weeks ago. Open Pro’ s laced to Suzue Pro Max. Highly stable with 36h, spokes crossed. They’re bulletproof and spin like a wet dream.

  • can you tell me what exactly makes them like a wet dream?

  • I worked as a messenger in Dublin on Archetype/ Royce HF without problems. Also had DT Swiss RR585/ Goldtec which is bombproof combo - trade off being the little extra weight to spin back up, surprisingly comfortable rim for the section, the 585g is a big up from an open pro which would accumulate, but if your main concern is potholes and on/off kerb then worth considering if you can still get them but probably the guys above more in touch with better options, otherwise would def go with 36h if you're doing that on open pro's

  • I think, to answer the info you want:

    Higher spoke count for more 'strength' + if well built will stay true (straight) easier.

    Shallower rim - easier to spin up /slow down due to lower weight at the rim.

    Alu, because rust won't be an issue and carbon is more prone to damage from knocks etc.

    Hand build you already have some solid suggestions. Off the peg Halo aerorage or aero track are both pretty bomb proof.

    If I remember rightly, aero rage are wider, so better for a 28c tyre- which if riding all day will aid in comfort.

  • mavic open pros from the late 90's early 2000's
    you don't get much better
    36h for extra strength

    mavic a319 a719 are also top notch rims well built and strong as an ox, these go up to 40h, find older model 40h shimano xt hubs and build a wheel set for life

    are you looking for brklss rim brakes or disc brakes ?

  • unfortunately mavic haven't let me into the secrets of their rim design division so can't tell you why they're so good, they just are, have put 1000's of miles on open pro's and never had an issue

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advice on rims

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