My first car...

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  • A Ford Capri 1.6L, kindly provided by IBM....I thought I was the mutts nuts...

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  • nice ! love a Ford capri

  • I never owned a car in my life, when I passed my test I wanted a Renault 5

  • It has a power bulge as the adverts said BITD.... A once in a lifetime car was the tagline:) I remember cos I wanted one!

  • 1988 Mini 1000, crashed it, repaired it. Took trips in it with 4 other 6’+ blokes...
    Loved that little car, would love another once I have a workspace for one

  • I only passed my test three years ago, and through a combination of my wife's car blowing up and us having zero money while saving for our wedding, I got given my first car from my Mum's boyfriend.

    A Citroen Xsara Picasso with 185,000 on the clock. In beige.

    We gave it away to a local chap, only for us to get a phonecall from the police a week later after it was involved in an armed robbery.

  • Learned to drive in mid thirties so missed out on the £50 banger fun that lots of my friends had. Had a bit of surplus savings when I passed my test so bought one of these.

    It feels like an F1 car compared to the Fiesta I learned in.

    Jealous of the Capri. I loved those cars when I was a kid

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  • Mine was a ten year old 1970 Mini MkII 1000, blue with a white roof. The offside bottom ball joint came undone two hours after I bought it. Got it recovered and I fixed it up. I loved that car but it was killed by a German motorcyclist on a Moto Guzzi, at the end of TT week, outside the Glen Helen Hotel on the Isle of Man. He was on the wrong side of the road and neither of us could avoid the impact. It spun the Mini through 90+ degrees and I went out of the door and down the road. Oh how we laughed.

  • £50 banger fun

    Mine was a £100 1992 Rover Metro. Nothing banger about it though, it was great.

  • £250 of Fiat 126.

  • green audi 80...

    previous owner had it for 20 years with seat covers on. took them off the day I got it, new interior, bingo! the rest of the inside were a bit of a mess but it was an absolute tank and stable up to about 180kmh. really enjoyed that car.

    similar to this:

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  • 1986 toyota starlet 1.0 given to me by an elderly neighbour who was giving up driving. Given the insurance was a grand back then I couldnt have afforded both so massively grateful for that.

    Loved that car. Hat to install my own radio and 6x9s on the back shelf. Radio was a wooden box hanging below the dash on metal brackets. good times.

    If I could find it to buy it now I would. (I probably wouldnt)

  • Peugeot 309gr, 1.6, J reg, £350 from an auction, my dad advanced me the money then snapped a headbolt while we changed the head gasket. Ran like shit, had a tendency to cut out at traffic lights then fail to restart for an hour or two. Loved it though!

  • skoda 105l passed down from mum and dad
    this model skoda and it's predecessor had been world rally champion in its class for most of the 70's and 80's so needless to say i got it stuck in a few ditches and in deep mud on forest trails in the local area
    moved on to the more plush skoda 120lse with tape recorder / radio and a vinyl roof + sun roof when my first one died, loved those cars

  • 1984 Polo Coupe S. Great fun, thrashable motor. All my mates thought it was a GTi which was fine with me. It looked the part but the handling - oh dear me no. I had to fix the front suspension as it had an allergy to right hand bends. My brother (it had been his girlfriend's car) had driven it into a kerb which shoved a wheel back about 4".
    Still haven't got him back for that.

  • Ford Fiesta 1.0l
    16 years old with 16,000 miles on the clock when I got it as a 17 year old. Very, very basic (down to the manual choke...)
    Some of my best memories were made in that little fire engine. I drove it all over the country and it never missed a beat.
    Sold it a few years later for £500. Regretted it immediately.

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My first car...

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