PhilDAS learns to glue (mostly) metal

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  • Thanks indeed! I loved the experience ( just a couple of hours) - a world away from my NHS day job. Where did you get your torches etc from?
    Excellent work by the way!

  • WeldEquip I think. And LondonGases

  • that’d be me :D

  • Well what a coincidence. What’s your framebuilding story?

  • well, repaired a few frames, but as my collection is almost complete, i turned my head to 4wheeled money pits, so brazing is on hold for now. might do something this summer though, will see :)

    keep the pics coming, it is really entertaining and is always nice to learn how others do stuff!

  • Get some proper goggles you massive, yet handsome flange!

  • “HFB - Handsome Flange Bicycles”

    Make it happen

  • Haha yeah I should. Do want some like Tom

  • Someone you guys know?

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  • Just cleaning up, otherwise done. Had little motivation recently. Life got in the way.

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  • Job well done. You do need to build the fork for it now. Wood blocks jig and braze away... with silver!

  • Really neat work Phil.

  • Thanks chaps. It’s definitely not to the standard that I aspire to achieve but I’m happy enough for a first go. I’m pleased with how the cable routing came out considering I nearly didn’t go for the internal because of the difficulty but it was relatively simple in the end.
    I need to get it reamed and faced then painted.

  • So neat. Am inspired.

  • Cable routing is a really nice touch.

  • Looks really smart, great work. Is it the stainless internal routing from Ceeway? I did get some for my frame but ended up not bothering with it, did it go in alright with brass rather than silver?

  • It’s actually a brass tube brazed in with silver :)
    Does look a bit more brassy in the photos but compared to the lug shorelines where it’s a really gold colour you can kind of see the difference.
    Getting the tube in was a right pain since I assembled the frame before doing it. I knew it would be better to do it in the open top tube before brazing but my drill died and I was anxious to get the frame together.

  • This is sick, just read all 11 pages. Inspiring me to take it one step further and build a frame in my bedroom

  • Well I got that completely back to front haha. Looks really smart either way. I'll have to give it a go with the next frame, the price of silver solder was putting me off a bit.

    Really looking forward to seeing it built up.

  • Great job, amazing you did this in your kitchen!

  • What are your plans for paint/finishing?

  • Gonna get it done at a local painters. Probably Vaz.

  • Yeah, but what colour!

  • It’s gonna have sparkles isn’t it.

  • 'Local' aint vaz...

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PhilDAS learns to glue (mostly) metal

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