• Newly added: PM me for photos

    1. Two Avid/Sram HS1 140mm rotors, good used condition -> £22 for a pair
    2. Fizik R1 Bull 420mm Carbon Handlebars, small scratches, will be not visible under the tape, otherwise good condition -> £69.99
    3. Fizik R1 80mm stem, Very Light, like new, in the box -> £35
    4. Campagnolo BB30 EPS bottom bracket 68x42, Power Torque used -> £9
    5. Campagnolo Super Record bottom bracket cups for BSA frames, ups have been painted to match the colour of the frame into chameleon colour → £9
    6. 5 Heavy Duty 26” Downhill tubes -> £6.99 for all five
    7. Challenge Baby Limus CX Cyclocross tyres, Pro Series, 300TPI, Tan Walls, used maybe for 100 km, like new -> £65
    8. 2 x WTB Riddler TCS 700x37mm Tubeless Gravel Cyclocross Tyres – Pair, used for 200km, excellent condition -> £sold
    9. 2 NEW Pairs of ORIGINAL Sram HRD Disc brake Pads, fits Red, Force, Rival, Apex -> £25
    10. Three Pairs of TRP disc brake pads, 2 lightly Used And 1 New -> £12
    11. Two Pairs (4 pads) Shimano Dura-Ace Road Brake Pads for Carbon Rims, NEW -> £sold

    Still for sale:

    1. Easton EC90sl Direct mount 44T Narrow Wide chainring Cinch -> £39

    2. Café Du Cycliste Albertine Thermal Windstopper gilet with Merino fleece back section (RRP £174!), size M, NEW with tags -> £90

    3. Paul Smith 531 merino cycling hoodie, size M, NEW with tags (RRP £225) -> £60

    4. Campagnolo Athena rear derailleur 11 speed – this is in a unique silver/black colour. I wanted it to match the front derailleur and a classic look of my steel De Rosa, so I bought one black and one silver derailleur and built one of mixed colour out of them. It had some minor scratches on the black body, but I touched them up with a black acrylic paint, so they are not visible -> £45

    5. Campagnolo Athena front derailleur, braze on – great condition -> £19

    6. Sram 32T direct mount X-sync Narrow-Wide chainring – used, good condition. Was on XX1 GXP cranks, so 6mm offset -> £29

    7. Gusset 13T 5/64” chromo SS sprocket with a wide base for splined freehub bodies – one of the splines was slightly modified to fit Chris King SS freehub (which doesn’t have a wide spline) – this will not affect the performance and will fit all shimnao/Sram freehubs. The sprocket was eventually never used -> £9

    8. Aluminium Bontrager MTB flat handlebar with rubber Bontrager grips, black, like new - £10

    9. New Era backpack, Blue colour, great backpack with several compartments, used excellent condition -> £45

    10. Dog & Bone Waterproof Case for iPhone 6/6s. The case itself is 100% waterproof, you can even use it for swimming in the pool. I used the same one with the sticker on the back for Garmin mounts and it worked perfectly. I did some research before buying the case and this one is the best waterproof case on the market (RRP £70). Only selling as I know have iPhone X, so will be buying same case, but for my iphone -> £20

    11. NEW Sram post mount +20mm adapter with Titanium bolts = £9

    12. NEW postmount adapter +20mm without bolts (came on my CAADX) = £5

    13. Avid 160mm rotor (old style) - £5

    14. Ultralight rim brake lever 32g, NEW, black CNC machined (have two of these, both left side) - £12 each -> £10!

    15. Brown clip-on saddle bag, New never used - £7

    16. 22T 5 holes black chainring - £5


    1. Rapha Merino windproof city jumper, black, size M
    2. Chris King rear ISO disc hub, black, 32H on fun bolts
    3. Oakley Holbrook Glasses
    4. Hope CNC stem 90mm 25 degrees
    5. DT Swiss Straight Pull (SP) hubs (on pawls) in silver colour – bought for a project, but eventually went for Chris King R45 hubs (which were 5 times more expensive…) – there are some scratches on the hub bodies, but I believe these can be polished
    6. Ritchey WCS Carbon flat handlebar
    7. Shimano XTR 3 speed front derailleur
    8. Sram Force CX1 shifters and calipers, no hoses. Good used condition

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  • ...and some more

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    • EF88BAB5-90A8-4083-8020-F8D484A6F7F8.jpeg
    • 3D02C5FE-6331-4057-B1F5-18173FF94841.jpeg
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  • interested in ritchey pending pics

  • And the final portion

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    • ED46CC8B-27DF-46B1-93F5-83E0B40269D5.jpeg
  • cool i'll take them.

  • DT Swiss Hubs please - pm sent

  • Damn. 2nd dibs DT hubs

  • What is the model designation of the Shimano triple front mech please?

  • It says FD-M971 on the back. It was on my dad’s Cannondale Taurine. Hope it helps.

  • Ritchey handlebar sold

  • Hey mate, do you wan the DT hubs? Dick is not replying.

  • Hope Stem sold

  • All yours mate, im out!

  • Would you mind posting a pic showing the entire mech please? I think it's the right one for the intended purpose but want to be sure. Thanks!

  • PMed

  • Oakleys are sold

  • I'll grab those hubs please

  • Chris King and DT hubs are sold. Post updated

  • Couldn't find a price on the thread for the shifters

  • dibs on the iphone case

    Edit undibs

  • Hi, what is the rise on the fizik stem?

  • Not length :) rise? 0 degrees, 7 degrees etc

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12 new items added: Challenge Baby Limus, Sram 140 mm rotors, Fizik R1 bars and stem, carbon brake pads, Café Du Cycliste, Paul Smith, Easton, etc

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