• Apologies for the ad, posting from my phone, can get more details and pictures if needed. All prices are posted but can meet in Milton Keynes or Berkhamsted if better.

    Deda Superzero carbon bars 44cm (measure 42 c-c) £85 -> £80

    Mash drop bars 44cm £65 -> £60

    Mash pista stem 100mm£55 -> £50

    Cinelli Neos post 27.2, small chip in coating next to clamp, see picture £35 -> £30

    Nitto RB018 and unbranded stem 26mm clamp 80mm stem £40 -> £35

    Campagnolo Carbon Athena 11 speed. Brand new rear derailer (fitted to bike but never ridden) and brand new chain still in box. Some scratches to lever. £275 -> £270

    More parts have been added further down the thread

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  • More pictures

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  • And more

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  • .

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  • crank length on the athena chainset?

  • Sorry, just checked, cranks are 170mm

  • Spokes look a bit rough on the wheels. How old are they? And what width?

  • Any chance of splitting the wheelset?

  • Spokes are just dirty, didn’t get a proper chance to clean them. They’re about 2 years old but only used for a total of 4 cross races and one road ride.
    EDIT; just remembered the rear hub was of another wheel so is older than the rest of the wheel set

    @hamrack not splitting at the moment but may do later if no interest

  • No problem, I'm interested in the rear if anyone wants the front.

  • Potential dibs on groupset, pending questions when I can get away from work

  • Sorry, need to pull out. Work dictates no spare cash this month.

  • I’ve updated the original listing to remove sold items and reduced everything a little. Also found some more things that can go.

    Cinelli Neos stem. 110mm. £40

    3T arc pro stem. 90mm. £15

    White San Marco rolls saddle. £25

    Kashima five gold NJS saddle. Narrow rails. £25

    Morgaw forsage Carbon railed saddle. £60

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  • what ratio is the cassette on the athena groupset please.

  • Hi, just checked and it’s 11-27

  • Take another fiver off all the listed prices

    Everything will probably be moved to eBay this weekend if it doesn’t sell here

  • Intrested in the neos stem and seatpost

  • I’ve pm’d you

  • pm'd re: white rolls


Carbon Deda, MASH, Cinelli, Nitto, Campagnolo, Saddles

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