Broken key in Kryptonite D lock in Greenwich

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  • I managed to try the wrong key in my Kryptonite lock last night in Greenwich and the key snapped in the lock.

    I'm going to give it another go getting it out with some needle nose pliers, but I think i may end up needing to cut the damn thing off.

    Is there anyone in Greenwich/Deptford who has any idea where I can get an angle grinder from?

    Locksmiths are charging a fortune and the council aren't any help so I don't know what my options are.



  • the local fire service has been known, local to me, to help!

  • Can you not just hire one for an hour and DIY I'm sure the fire service have better things to do

  • Thanks everyone, I just had a look at the Kryptonite website and it looks like they'll refund you the cost of getting a locksmith out if you can send them photos of the lock and key etc. So I think i'm going to go with that.

    Will give getting the key out of there another go and if not i'll get a locksmith to get it off.

    It'll be a lot safer than me giving it a go with an angle grinder!

  • Hacksaw

  • also worth informing the police via 101, otherwise you may get some unwanted attention!

  • In Greenwich, it's easy. Just sit by the bike, and within the hour someone with a grinder will come along to nick it anyway. When they do, offer to buy it off them for £20 and job done ;-)

  • Read the T&Cs.

    If you haven't got purchase proof or registered the lock could be a problem?


Broken key in Kryptonite D lock in Greenwich

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