• Yeah, you're completely right, I should definitely look at other options. Just need to seek out some inspiration! I've never picked a paint job for a bike as all mine are second hand & I wasn't that fussed about that part of it. Maybe I'll print out some outlines of the frame & go to town with some crayons & see what works, aha.

    Fully stripped down the frame now. It's remarkable how heavy the original forks are - the carbon forks I got used to using (plus headset) weighed less than half the weight of these! I do like the matching look though.

    Pinged an email off to Bob Jackson too. Hoping to take the frame across (can probably see Bob Jackson's workshop from our front bedroom window, being just over the valley) & get any issues sorted, can decide on the paint style later.

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  • Personally like the original paint design. It has something timeless about it like some of the Panasonic designs but the fade transitions could definitely be improved. I'll be hoping you stick with a white base and O.G graphics!

  • Aha.. and here I thought the original paint job was a bit of a snooze.
    I agree with @jono84 that a rewamp of the original paint job would be an interesting idea!

  • Have you considered getting something done by Jack?

  • A few people have mentioned him. His stuff is really nice, but probably a bit pricey. Do you know if he operates under a name, or worth just pinging him a message on IG?

    Definitely need to get it stripped & sort out the issues first though. Bob Jackson seemed hesitant to do that before I made my mind up on a paint job. @MisterMikkel & @jono84, quite like the of a reimagining of the current paint scheme!

  • Donohue is on the backburner at the moment. The weather is minging & there's little reason to believe we'll ever had a dry day between now & spring, so there's no rush.

    Last weekend was the first dry weekend in ages however, & managed to get out twice. First on a freezing fifty mile roll over to Tadcaster for pizza on the Graham Weigh. So so cold. With the flat, you never need to push hard really, so didn't feel like I ever warmed up properly.

    On Sunday I went out with a friend to explore some new trails in Airedale. Found a lovely set of woods above Keighley, a lane with some of the deepest puddles I've ever ridden through near Silsden, & a great long techy bit above Skipton. Shame we had to cut the ride short because my friend's rear brake calliper gave up. Relatively new setup & a similar issue to what happened to my front brake months ago. Unfortunate.

    On that note, with putting my SRAM Rival HRD groupset on a frame for my girlfriend & taking it to her bike shop, they claim to have already fixed the issue with the front brake. If that's the case, I'd be very annoyed with Woodrup, whose workshop twice did not manage to resolve the issue I had. Apparently it was bled poorly with lots of air in the system. I guess a postmortem several months later might not be completely accurate though, time will tell when she starts riding it.

    In other news, replaced the chain on the MASH the other day & rode it to work. Curiously, replacing the chain has unleashed the unholiest of creaks in the BB. Almost embarrassing to push down as it's seriously loud. I've known that the bottom bracket has been due a replacement for a while, & have a spare lying around, just didn't want to do it during the winter months. Wonder how replacing the chain has caused it to become so loud all of a sudden. Wasn't like the chain was overtensioned.

    Anyway, left my lunch at home, so I'm going to have to ride the MASH back at lunch time to grab it. Creaky times ahead.

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  • Check your chainring bolts.

    Sounds to me like air is getting in the system somehow (like I said previously) time will tell I guess.

    Just put it in the bin and buy GRX.

  • Tightened recently!

    I'm not a fan of SRAM, but @Tor likes it, so persist we will.

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