Talbot disc brake equipped road bike

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  • Yass


    Looking forward to seeing some photos!

  • I think we are all looking forward to seeing this built up. am getting my fuck yeahs warmed up

  • Would be really great to see a happy ending to this one. Hope the rest of the build goes well.

  • Can't wait to see some pics!!

  • Not finished yet.

    Need to re-bleed the brakes, dial in the position, make the front derailleur work properly, lock in the heat shrink, put some bar tape and plugs on and do a shakeout ride.

    Might need a shorter stem as well.

    Oh, and get a new screw for the bleed port on the lever, because I'm an idiot.

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  • Those bleed screws are shit.

    It’s probably SJScycles best selling product...

  • I know this has been a long time coming, but that is beautiful l.

  • Would be really great to see a happy ending to this one.

    I think this type of paintwork costs extra

  • Aw yeah. Super classy.

  • That paint looks amazing

  • Love it! Glad you got there in the end and hope you'll love riding it this summer in Oz

  • this is [chef kissing fingers]

  • Very glad it’s coming together nicely now.

  • Ok. Bar tape done. Heat shrink done. Shifting on point. Brakes still sponge like, but I'll see to that tomorrow.

    Did the first shakeout ride. Overall it rides well. Nice and quiet, and while it's not super sharp responsive it's no slouch either. Unfortunately it has the tendency to shimmy with hands off.
    Otherwise it's sweet.

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  • Paintwork is finom

  • Congrats!! Benn following this with interest. Very glad it worked out well for you in the end!

  • Are you happy with how it handles/rides?

  • Overall yes. Would be great if I could fix the shimmy tendency somehow ...

  • Have you thought about lowering and levelling the saddle? Some shimmy can come from a saddle that is too high.


  • Well, the saddle needs to be where the saddle is ... that said, the bike was drawn up with a 100mm stem, right now it's got a 110mm on it because I haven't got a spare 100 ... The saddle would be shifted a tad to account for the diff.

    Shimmy usually starts with the front wheel and then oscillates through the frame. I think the weight and stiffness of the bars and stem combo can have an influence here.

    It wouldn't be the first steel frame that shimmies with hands off, and it's not something you can preemptively design against, really. I wonder whether I could take some vibration out of the system by inserting some foam somewhere? Also I'll double check the front wheel tomorrow to see if it's true and all that.

  • You sliding forward on the saddle?

    You could use something like a cane creek viscoset

  • Saddle position doesn't seem to matter. I can stop it by putting my knee on the top tube or putting my hands on the bars. It's free hands only, so easily avoided.

    Viscoset ... interesting. Not sure they make the size I need ...

  • Perhaps the tubing is not used to the warm weather / climate and once acclimatised will stop shimmying..

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Talbot disc brake equipped road bike

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