Talbot disc brake equipped road bike

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  • Over the last 2 years I have put on a lot of miles on my old Engima Ethos, and I am super happy with the way it rides, but I also have discovered gravel riding and with it, disc brakes. I had a few sketchy descents in the cold and wet over winter, and I want a disc brake road bike. So, having turned 40 recently, I decided it was time to spoil myself.

    Living down under, I looked at a variety of Australian based builders, but there were crazy price tags from the likes of Baum or crazy long lead times. So I had a good look around and I really liked the Talbot and Isen frames. Also, Talbot having a connection to London and the forum is a clear bonus for me, because I kind of see my connection to cycling very closely related to both.

    So after a few conversations on here and emails back and forth I put some money down to be in the build queue. And it looks like the queue has shifted and a build will be under way soon.

    My brief is:

    • Geometry/Ride characteristics close to my current bike
    • A true road bike that won't need mudguards or huge tyre clearances
    • Stainless
    • Thru axles front and rear
    • A muted blue to black fade paint job with exposed stainless bits in the rear

    The build I will put together once the frame is at my doorstep:

    • It will have Ultegra mechanical hydro levers, calipers
    • I will transfer bit and bobs where I can, i.e. my current Praxis cranks with power meter, derailleurs etc
    • Undecided on finishing kit, bars etc
    • At first I will put some hunt aero light disc alloy wheels on it, to save $$$

    @coldharbour has just sent the geo through and been given the green light.
    Needless to say I am excited.

  • A muted blue to black fade paint job with exposed stainless bits in the rear

    +1 for excitement

  • Awesome!

  • Just confirmed it'll have a painted Enve fork to match the frame and a CK headset in black.
    Also arrived in the mail: Levers and Calipers.

  • Because I like black stuff ... black finishing kit, saddle, chainset etc ...

  • Sounding very nice

  • Things are happening. Just a wishbone away from welding.

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  • Will there be sick fades?

  • On the inside of the tubes- external faces are black. Super exclusive.

  • Not the candy popping kind. I want this to be midnight blue to black with exposed stainless on the seat and chain stays. Hopefully with a masked logo instead of a decal. Fork painted to match.
    So overall a bit more stealthy, but still a fade.

  • Colour sounds great looking forward to seeing this

  • Looks like the wishbone has turned up and the welding is getting done!

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  • Ok, there's some stuff happening ...

    The box of parts is pretty damn near complete, missing only a seat post, a clamp, a top cap and expander and mineral oil etc for the brakes .

    I also have received a tracking code and a little taster of what's to come. Even in this rough snap, it already looks stunning. Very much looking forward to building this up when it arrives.

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  • That’s absolutely lovely.

  • Amazing

  • That might well be the nicest Talbot I've seen. Really digging the colours with the stainless.

  • Nice! Cannot wait to get my hands on mine!

  • yes that is a beautiful looking frame. great work all round

  • what tyre diameter will it take ?

  • Probably the fork will be the limiting factor, which is 32mm if I remember correctly. I did want this to be a proper road bike as opposed to be an all road one, and I'm most likely to just run 25s on it, maybe 28s at some stage ....

  • @coldharbour not sure this takes even a gp4000 in 25, let alone 28 ... Not great! What happens if the frame flexes even just a little?

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  • What was it meant to take?

  • Looks like the stays should've gone upto where the blue paint ends. Sure it'll get sorted, frustrating/annoying as it is though.

  • I just reached the end of my tether in terms of patience. Communication has been a real issue, so have been deadlines. I'm based in Australia, so there were multiple hiccups along the line. I've waited for ages for this frame to arrive. I've spent a good day building it up to the point where I mount tyres etc ... Then I pump up the tyre and an ant barely even fits in between ... I just don't know what to say.

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Talbot disc brake equipped road bike

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