Peugeotretti, a 26" ratfrankenbeater mixte

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  • Bought this crappy 90's made in Taiwan Peugeot city bike/mtb early last year ,with the intention of using it while I restore/fix my main whip. I got it despite knowing that it had a seized quill stem, figured it will take some time but thought to myself how hard could it be? Two months later, I too a hacksaw to it purely out of frustration, drawing out the fork out of the headtube, found out that the steerer tube is equally fucked up.

    With severe budget constrains and not having any sensible options locally for a 1 inch fork the build has been put on the back burner for most of the year. In November, I decided to pull the trigger and get a 26" springer fork from China. It arrived a month later and since then I have managed to collect all the parts required for the build, there's a few missing pieces waiting to be collected/purchased.

    The idea is to build a ridiculous looking go anywhere commuter with a flipped north road/ cruiser bars, mismatched levers/brakes, (integrated v-brakes + shifter for the rear and cantis for the front) 1x8 drivetrain (44 + 11/32) and a paintjob to match, a rattlecan aquafade with chrome splatter.

    Here are some of the before pictures of the frame and fork

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  • Currently, the frame is awaiting wet sanding. Here's some pictures of the build so far, the mock up of the bike and the test paintjob.

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    • IMG_20190119_155324_HDR.jpg
    • IMG_20190127_152606_HDR.jpg
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  • So ugly-delicious. Subbed

  • this sounds weird, subbed

  • this looks like it's going to be fun

  • Sounds very weird! I'm looking forward to further updates!

  • Thanks for the interest guys, the color coat is scheduled for saturday at the moment. Most probably will put up the next round of pictures then. Will try to slap on craft glitter on wet coat of paint for a poor's man sparkle paint job, is there any potential issues I need to be aware of?

  • Finally got around to painting the bike. Got the glitter in between the top coat and the lacquer, hopefully I wont lose too much of it when sanding. Will let it cure for a bit before wet sanding.

    All in all, this turned out rather decent even with the paintbrush failure.

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  • Quality! Mario would be proud.

  • Totally confused by that fork!!!!!! Is it suspension? Hand written down tube is quality

  • Yup, it has suspension alright, via the spring and bushing that connects above the headtube. I've never ridden a bike with such fork before so the ride quality will be a mystery. Though, the fork will probably be preloaded a fair bit since the bike will be used on the road.

  • Thanks! Tbh, the paint turned out a bit louder than expected but i love the result. Now, I'm hoping that i won't lose too much glitter with the wet sanding.

  • r o w d y

  • Peugoretti hehe

    There was a speedboat that raced back home that had a similar paintjob... it was called "Snot". :)

  • Wish i knew this sooner,so I could named my bike Snotty McBikeface instead. :D

  • I've been looking for a picture of that boat for 20 years. Only ever saw it once. Best name ever.

  • You've piqued my curiosity, make sure to share a picture of it when you do.

  • I've looked again. I can see no evidence of this boat. It was pre digital cameras so there's probably no too many pics of it.

  • After 10 months, its alive!! After a few drinks last weekend went and pulled the trigger on a pair of taiwanese wheels meant for disc brakes.

    So now its built up but, not without some issues. The 44t chainring i got for it refused to cooperate with the 8 speed cassette and chain. It got swapped out for a triple that i got for my pub/work bike, not it fits but refuse to stay on the chainring when i shift. Any pointers guys? Will it work if i get an 6/7/8 speed chainring and sort out the chain line? Or will the ramps on the chainring fuck me up?

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  • Are you alright, mate?

  • Yeah mate, been a bit busy so have yet to find time to sort it out.

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Peugeotretti, a 26" ratfrankenbeater mixte

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