GT Edge Aero - Silver/Chrome - HHSRBRGRLOLWTFBBQ

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  • What diameter is seat post?

  • 27.2

    I’ll use the shitty UNO post to see what length I need before upgrades.

  • These grips would work.

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  • I think blackwall 28mm tyres would look immense, but they don’t clear the fork crown :(

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  • Did a late night build to break the back of this one. 25mm tyres fitted, brakes cabled up and centred, gears cabled up and roughly set, China Carbon seatpost clamp on, headset nipped up.

    Still to do:
    -Need to lop 75mm or so off the seatpost as it’s bottomed out in the aero section of the tube and it’s too high.
    -Need a set of pedals, probably M540 SPDs.
    -Need to check the setup of the rear mech. The cage spring is a monster and as a result it has a LOT of chain tension. I’m not sure it’s right but it might be a mtb thing. There’s some 6mm thing in the SRAM manual and I’m hoping it’s this.
    -Need to change the seatpost clamp; the current one looks crap.

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  • I also had this crazy idea that I might build an updated version of these wheels with carbon rims. The alloy Rigida DP18 rims are really heavy.

    The problem is the 12H and 16H drilling. I can get custom drilled rims in 35mm but not 30mm. One option might be to shorten the spoke by 5mm at the rim end so I can use the 35mm rim. I wanted to see if that was possible, so I sectioned a broken spoke to have a look at the threaded insert. I wanted to see how far in it was and if it was straight-sided, barbed, top-hat shape etc, because if I exposed the end by cutting that end of the spoke it might make it prone to pulling out if it had smooth sides. The good news is it’s barbed, so I’ll be ok to shorten this and it won’t pull out.

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  • and plenty dep too.
    that's gonna be a cool project!

  • Needs some bolted on track ends

    It's looking sweet, the wheels look to be a project in themselves.

  • the wheels look to be a project in themselves

    Yup. I'll get the bike on the road first but I thought I'd do some scoping in advance. The spoke mods shouldn't be too difficult because they'll all get the same amount taken off. I should be able to set something up on the composites saw at work so I can just drop a spoke in, make the cut, drop the next one in etc etc.

  • 16h are available. 12h can be done on a 36h rim with stickers (but could be a bit lacking in finish...)

  • Yes, I’ve found a 16H in 30mm, it’s only the 12H I haven’t found. I hadn’t considered a 36H for the 12. I’d thought about using a 24H and plugging every other hole, but it would be dependent on having a rim with all the holes drilled inline. 36H would get round that. Only other issue is we had some really good carbon pigment for filler and adhesives at my old work, which did invisible repairs on carbon. We don’t have it here, so hiding the holes won’t be so easy.

  • Pedal wise, I’ve got some shiny silver VP (I think) spd compatible from the 90s. really nice quality and smooth bearings, and shiny silver, but there’s no float which doesn’t work for me. Not sure if you’re planning to ride this far enough for lack of float to be an issue but you can have them for free if they’re of any use? Can dig them out/pm pics if you’re interested.

  • Thanks for the offer. I've already got bad knees so I'm going to say no due to the lack of float!

  • How wide/long is the cross section of the spokes at the flat part?

  • 3.4mm wide by 12.2mm deep. They’re pretty bulky!

  • First I was like nuh, then I was like actually, then I was like fourteen forty nine postage?!!!

  • Late night test ride and fit.

    First impressions:

    1. Clipping in goes CLANK which I like.
    2. It’s stiff. Really stiff.
    3. Not initially sure if it likes wide risers. I’ll see how I get on.
    4. Not as much seatpost showing as I’d like. I think the aero section of the shortest of the Mike Burrows posts will be too long.

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  • This frame is mental haha!

  • Love this. Great work.

  • Kk, so I’m 20 miles up. I didn’t enjoy the 10 miles to work this morning because my fit was a little bit out, but a couple of saddle tweaks and it feels much better.

    It’s quite efficient feeling, don’t seem to have to put much effort in to get a lot out. Back end is unrelentingly stiff. Bumpy stuff can get a little wild because it absorbs nothing.

    SRAM X7 at the back shifts effortlessly and flawlessly, every time. I love it. Shifts up and down sound something like DINK DINK / CLANK CLANK! Which I like.

    Front derailleur isn’t set up right yet though and needs some tweaking. Despite the charts saying the Rival FD has the same shift ratio as X7, it looks a little bit like the shifter is pulling it too far. Might just be where I’ve got the stops set though. Hopefully.

    In principle I like this bike. Need to deal with that seatpost and clamp next.

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  • So, so good.

  • lol, this is absurd................ amazing

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GT Edge Aero - Silver/Chrome - HHSRBRGRLOLWTFBBQ

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