GT Edge Aero - Silver/Chrome - HHSRBRGRLOLWTFBBQ

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  • dont want to ruin your thread but i secretly wanted your car to be this one­s/holden/hsv-maloo-e3-ute-2011-review/
    lots of space for the wheelsets
    edit: page fail

  • somehow the curve of the forks is out of place.. giant once would suit better imho. burrows seatpost?

    I dunno, I'm ok with the curve. I thought they'd look too skinny at first, but I actually think they look ok. I do agree that the Giant Once would look better, but I'm ok with these ones.

    Yeah, Burrows seatpost. I keep looking at them...

  • my money is on whichever cassette that will get this out on the road sooner

    I was thinking on the way into work that this doesn't seem to have happened. It's a groupset indecision issue. Maybe SRAM X7 10-speed.

  • I have done some buys:

    • X7 2x10 trigger shifters
    • X7 10-speed rear derailleur
    • Rival 2x10 FD
    • KMC chain with magic link

    Massive headache trying to get my brain around the SRAM front derailleur standards and whether the X7 would work with road-size rings. I think the answer was maybe and it probably wouldn't shift 100% cleanly since the plates are designed for much smaller chainrings. I was going to suck it and see, but finally spotted that the MTB high direct mount is 90° out compared to a road braze on. Refer back to this, and I'm pretty certain that Rival 10-speed uses the same Exact Actuation pull ratio as X7, so I think we're good to go. Also got a chain with a magic link this time, because I got caught out by that one last time I did 10-speed.

    What have I learned from this? Having committed to this and bought the expensive bits, that there is in fact a svelte Ultegra R780 flat bar shifter that I could have used with my 105 rear derailleur and avoided all this headache. Fuck it. But total cost of everything was less than those shifters - so maybe not fuck it after all.

    Will try and start the build next week.

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  • I was wondering if this had been resolved yet. Looking forward to the update next week!

  • This blatantly isn’t going to get started this week, but the front derailleur arrived earlier than expected. Also realised I don’t have a headset - had my eye on on a classic 1” STX but it might be a short wait for the right one to come up. Could just sling in a Stronglight A9 to get it on the road. It won’t completely go with the build but I can use with something else later (e.g. the steel frame that I was planning to build)

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  • Got a headset. The one I had my eye on got re-listed. That's the last bit, I think.

    Library image:

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  • Ok. Live build, live from my lab at work. Bottom bracket replaced. Old one was slightly crusty but still good 117mm UN-55, new one is low mileage 113mm UN-55.

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  • Homemade headset press. Has made appearance on LFGSS before.

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  • Last one for tonight. Headset installed. I’ll need to cut the steerer down by approx 13.5mm or spacer it.

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  • Definitely cut it... spacer stack is the antithesis of HHSRBRGRLOLWTFBBQ

  • Definitely cut it... spacer stack is the antithesis of HHSRBRGRLOLWTFBBQ

    Indeed, you’re right. I don’t know what I was thinking.

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  • I mean, a hacksaw would have sufficed

  • I have some decent metalworking tools at work though, might as well use them!

    This looks much better.

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  • How stiff are these?

    (please put in frame/fork and press sideways at rim with Damon Rinard approved pressure of 115newton/11.7 kilograms: ->­l/data.htm ) :)

    Rock solid? spongy?

  • Please put them on the bike for a photo!

    Btw, I found my spare spoke for one of the broken wheels. It was in with the Nintendo Wii of course! Where else would you store a spare spoke?

  • Going to leave it at this for the evening. That’s as far in as the seatpost wants to go so I’ll have to cut a chunk off. I have a shorter black post but it looks rong. I need a seat collar, pair of M540 pedals and I think some gear cable outer.

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  • Also, what the hell do they stick these UNO logos on with? Acetone didn’t shift them so I went up to the chemicals lab and hit them with dichloromethane and still nothing. They must be anodised on.

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  • Oven cleaner?

  • I’ll check once they’re on. The spokes aren’t as carbon fibre as they look. They’re a sort of carbon loaded injection moulded thermoplastic. I ran a few sums based on rough strength of plastics and they’re strong and stiff enough compared to a steel spoke simply due to the sheer bulk of the cross section!

  • This is going to be so good. Would look banging with some obnoxiously jazzy grips/bar tape.

  • I could do with suggestions for some rowdy-ass grips. I’ve got those black mushroom grips but they’re going to need quite a lot trimmed off to clear the shifters.

  • Needs a silly burrows aero post I reckon

  • Approved.

  • This is hawt.


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GT Edge Aero - Silver/Chrome - HHSRBRGRLOLWTFBBQ

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