GT Edge Aero - Silver/Chrome - HHSRBRGRLOLWTFBBQ

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  • I have no fucking idea what I’m going to do with this one. I WAS looking for a nice springy late 70s 80s steel frame in 54cm, preferably black with scabs, that I could sling on my 10-speed 90s Shimano Uniglide frankengroup. Instead I’ve landed an alloy aero frame with no fork. Note: not my hands.

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  • I got this same-vintage carbon fork off a Giant TCR. Also got the option of a full Clenbuterol-spec ONCE colourway fork from @frankenbike if it’s too skinny.

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  • Some other bits I’ve got that might fit.

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  • This is gonna be interesting

  • Would be cool to bolt on some track dropouts

  • It’ll feel some kind of celebrity recognition if @jdmitch posts in this thread.

  • How about putting your Pimpin Carbon Disc Wheel From Scratch on here if/when it's finished?

  • There is a matching GT Edge fork for sale in Copenhagen

  • I thought about that because none of my rear wheels are 130mm apart from those disc wheel hubs. I can’t find the hub anywhere though, so I’ve got a bad feeling I might have left it in a drawer somewhere at Red Bull :(

  • This frame has QUITE A LOT OF DOWNTUBE!

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  • Almost looks like something out of Ground Up Speed Shop!
    My vote is for risers and tri-spoke/corima up front. HHSRGR!

  • Double hed3's is my vote!

  • US Doping Service sticker is staying.

  • The giant fork would complement that nicely

  • TCR fork offered up. NDS fail because this is being done candid in the spare room and SWMBO didn’t spot me bring the frame in the house.

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  • moar acronyms

  • How much does this beast weigh? That downtube must be most of a kilo by itself

  • This thread is going to be fantastic

  • I need to sling it on the scales and find out! It's not as heavy as it looks but it's definitely more Weight Watchers than Weight Weenies. That fork weighs 533g.

  • It'll be lighter when you cut the dropouts off.

  • Some wound up forks would match nicely

  • This. Why you no grind?

  • I'm not a big fan of Wound Ups with fat tubes. I think they clash a bit.

  • Frame weight seems to be around 2kg dead with bottom bracket and headset. That’s actually not too bad!

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  • Frame is a beauty. Looking forward to see what you do with it. (Please leave the angle grinder in the tool box for this project)

    HHRBRB with 28c tyres to take the Edge off perhaps.

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GT Edge Aero - Silver/Chrome - HHSRBRGRLOLWTFBBQ

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