Short trips in Northern Germany

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  • Does anyone have any experience of short tours in Northern Germany?
    I've cycled lots in Germany but not the North. Any route advice would be much appreciated.
    I was thinking maybe the Baltic coast, but would this be too busy in early August?

    Many thanks!

  • @pastry_bot @laner
    You guys been around here?

  • Too Prussian for me. @Thuekr or @Lolo?

  • That's gonna be a nice one.

    @sorethroat do you prefer gravel?

  • Is there an alternative to flying to get there? I fancy riding home to the UK from Copenhagen

  • Thanks @fussballclub and @Thuekr

    My main concern is the whether or not it will be too busy with tourists?
    With regards to gravel/paved, I'm not particularly bothered either you know if this route would be mainly paved?

    Any ideas about the campsite situation? I guess it's gonna be a matter of booking well in advance. My google maps research tells me that lots of it is definitely wild campable, but I can't be dealing with that stress every day.

  • Wild camping is illegal in Germany. You are allowed to sleep one night in a bivvy sack outside of private property and not on nature reserves or restricted areas. You might be able to wild camp with a tarp tent. However, whether that counts as a tent is up to the discretion of whoever found you. Be warned that anti-camping laws are actually enforced!!!

  • I've done it on a tour a few years ago without trouble, but it was much more remote. I didn't realise the anti camping laws were actively enforced, I must have been quite lucky! Ignorance is bliss

  • Ignorance is bliss

    Until you get caught

  • Thanks so much! I shall forward these to my German touring companion.

  • I rode through this area as part of London - Copenhagen a few years ago. As far as route goes I just selected 'cycling' on google maps and tweaked the route around where I was staying each night. That generally resulted in lots of lovely small lanes through farmland, one section through a military area (on public roads though) which was desolate but nice. The only tricky bit was when it sent me down a 'cycling path' through a forest, which was absolutely stunning, but made up of deep sand so impossible with 25c road tires. It's flat as a pancake if that's your thing, but I had a bloody great time. Cake stops were spread out but excellent when I found them...

  • Ah that looks great. That's cool you got such a good route from google maps!
    They ferry is a huge plus as well. I think we're going to have to fly to Hamburg then train to Lübeck to start. I just absolutely hate taking bikes on the plane though :(

  • Flying will be a lot cheaper and quicker, but if you have the time and money the ferry plus continental trains would get you there and be a lot more fun... there is nothing quite like cycling onto a massive cross-channel ferry. Although if you're flying budget I think they land at 'Hamburg' Lübeck anyway!

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Short trips in Northern Germany

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