• Did you do this and I missed it? If not, and you can find the time, it sounds like an interesting story.

    Not yet, I’ve been busy and I’m currently a little bit grumpy with Toby at Hot Tubes, but now have some extra time on my hands I may get around to it.

  • No Chapman :(.

    Sad times.

  • Excellent. Not meaning to hurry you, life happens, just encouragement.

    Obviously the rest of this thread is superb

  • First coat of turtlewax down, I’ll add another tomorrow. Hopefully by Tuesday there will be a headset and bb here to begin the build in earnest.

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    • 916667D9-58CC-41A0-8109-06731615BC24.jpeg
    • 17B0B6EB-9330-4DF8-BAD1-3B9CAC72869E.jpeg
  • And a mood board, to uhh get me in the mood?

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    • 3CB4B3C7-5D82-475A-980D-409F4BFE7E8A.jpeg
  • Shiny bits.

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    • C24BE6D3-C04B-47CF-B265-212F082D4334.jpeg
  • Never noticed this before on their BBs! It says “thanks for riding our stuff.”

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    • AA7FF504-EC9A-4C8D-A63B-ED3AFC27C81A.jpeg
  • Wow those WI parts are nice

  • One of my favorite tartans. Digging the colors in this board.

  • Topo did a flannel in it this year, and it’s gotten constant compliments from strangers.

  • More fun bits

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    • CB16B8FB-1356-45A2-A935-0583A778B2A9.jpeg
  • Some rebuilt I9 wheels:

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    • C5E16554-0454-45B9-8B15-4885B9CB44BA.jpeg
  • Where we are now.

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    • FA876929-C0BB-464C-A652-09E8072EDCD5.jpeg
  • Lots of ti m5 bolts for cages and empty rack holes.

    The rack mounts need to be tapped, they are full of paint.

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    • 7D5583F3-075E-4802-92F1-C9D145906FC3.jpeg
  • Really nice components and bikes in here, that gunnar is going to be good. what saddle post and stem are those?

  • Post and stem are Ti cycles. Post is made in US, I think the stem might be imported? Anywho the stem is probably going to go back to be swapped for a shorter length, hence the other stem in the picture.

    The saddle is a C13 in the medium width.

  • Was going to be a a 11 speed Record mated with a 10-42 Sram X01 cassette. But due to some confusion on what was in my spares box I have the wrong XDR driver for my wheels. The 11-46 SLX cassette in the picture is just too big for the derailleurs chain wrap.

    So options:

    • new freehub body:$170
    • 11-40 XT cassette: $95
    • R8000 group I already own: free
  • Big things coming…

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    • C87CBE20-3EBC-4DEA-A082-12B76BBEADC7.jpeg
  • If I can find the matching cassette to these fellas I guess the Gunnar is going Ultegra.

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    • 8E31A3A6-C7B2-4A71-A9DF-D3C536832808.jpeg
  • Very cool. A good friend did their finishing work and ano for a while. If you remember the bubble ano, and others around that time. That was him.

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