• It has a strap around the tombstone. And yellow paracord goes up around the tombstone.

  • Making things weird, again.

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  • So this was gonna go on the Spooky, ‘cause I didn’t think I’d have enough clearance with the super narrow posts on the Hot Tubes. Looks like it’s gonna work!

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  • Second 200k with this awesome bag, ended up using the RaClips from Waxwing and the mount is rock solid.


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  • New rear wheel, getting ready for the first CX race of the season Saturday.

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  • What to do with this fella?

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  • Lovely frameset.
    Build it up as a nice summer bike (can't see any mudguard eyelets).

  • Thinking of a rinko build, I have some 10 speed Dura-Ace bits kicking around.

    Need to figure out how to rinko-fy full length brake housing.

  • Had to research rinko, new one on me.
    Apart from unbolting at the caliper end, not sure.

  • I think I may solder the end of the brake cable so I can slip it and the housing out of the guides. All the rinko instructions I can find have slotted guides.

  • I just got some LB rims with the grooved brake track. Still need to build them up for a 650b conversion. How are you liking the braking on yours thus far?

  • That'd work. Simplicity itself.

  • The braking is great, the sound not so much. Little bit of squeal with the XT cantis and kool stop pads, lotsa squeal with the same pads and Paul Mini Motos. Swiss Stops on Spooky cantis was the worst.

    It’s been dry here, we’re in the middle of a drought so have not tried them in the wet, might be getting a thunderstorm on the commute home, so perhaps will be able to text them out.

  • Interesting. Thanks for the update. I’ll be running caliper brakes with swiss stops so maybe I’ll get lucky with the sound. BTW that Peter Mooney is beautiful.

  • So sending the Hot Tubes off to have the rear cantis
    respaced, temp build on the Mooney while I wait for the Tubes to come back. Need to swap headset and figure out light mounting.

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Make it in Massachusetts: Indy Fab, Fat Chance, Spooky, Seven, Royal H, Peter Mooney, & Geekhouse

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