• oh - yeah - damn

  • Ok so got a replacement fork in about the correct rake, and WTF is up with this crown casting? WTF Soma, why would you put a pointy bit right where where a fender would go?

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  • Filed the fork down to fit some fenders. Had to cut the rear in half and make a brake bridge of sorts. The rear half of the split fender is mounted to the Nitto rack, the front half is mounted using a VO rack tang. Still needs a bit of cleaning up.

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  • That's some snazzy bartape. Curious way to build a fork.

  • it most definitely looks better then it feels, i had to wrap over a layer of split inner tube to get any cushion.

  • Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw, I've just been offered this frame for cheep money. Made by someone I've known since I was 13, and as it's a team bike from the 90s there's a good chance I knew the original owner.

    Do I need it? no... But when has need ever out weighed want?

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  • Yeah, you gotta buy that. Love that frame, love that team paint. Steerer looks brand new? What's the deal there?

  • One of those Innicycle converter headsets I think?

  • Hadn't heard of those. They're cool. Looks very neat.

  • Yup that’s what it is.

  • Probably gonna use a record headset and 3TTT quill stem, but it is kinda neat technology.

  • So the Hot Tubes is a Verge/Hot Tubes team issue from 96/97, there's a most definite chance that I saw this bike raced when it was new! Shows up today, excited to get it built!

  • Temp build as I suss out if I want to keep the adapter or run a quill stem. Also discovered that there is not enough clearance for my Paul brakes, so luckily I have these NOS XT cantis!

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  • That looks rather splendid, loving the old school cantis.

  • I just prefer modern V brake pads so much for ease of assembly. But what works, works right?

  • Then again smooth post pads can be aligned more precisely. Speaking of which: you could pre-bend your straddle cable to reduce compression loss in the system. Great frame! Generally enjoying this thread and all its US bike history.

  • Speaking of which: you could pre-bend your straddle cable to reduce compression loss in the system

    I generally use shift cables and Mafac knarbs to do the same, but the Mafac bit wouldn’t mesh with the XT canti. Anywho since the bars and brake lever were a temp fix I didn’t bother pre radiusing the cable, I have now however :)

    I’m 90% sure I’m gonna swap out the Inniscycle adapter for a quill and different bars, I just think it’ll look better.

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  • Generally enjoying this thread and all its US bike history.

    When I’m not silly with hay fever I’ll write up a little blurb about Hot Tubes and their importance to the US bicycle culture as a whole, it goes way beyond the frames.

  • I’m just not feeling this transition:

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  • Shed the fenders and racks, little bit bigger and aggressive(r) rubber. Swapped out the wheels for some I don’t mind selling, cause well The Mushroom Hunter is for sale!

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  • needs a right angle v-brake noodle

  • Sim works rhonda stem and matching spacers?

  • Sim works rhonda stem and matching spacers?

    Caroline stem.

  • needs a right angle v-brake noodle

    took me a minute to figure out what you were talking about. I was referencing the general headset, spacer, stem junction.

  • Nicer, drippier, but the Rhonda would let you get rid of the cable hanger…

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