• Will sort some photo over the weekend .
    Looking forward to what looks like a very fast build from you .
    As much as I like my Indy, think I would ride it more if it had gears :)

  • Couple in the garden

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  • That’s a handsome bike. I’ve always been partial to orange bikes, they’re a big bonus here in New England in the fall, not getting shot by hunters and all.

  • Thanks sir .
    You must be getting excited .
    Are you picking it up from the factory ?
    I love orange bikes and have one other :)

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  • So how stupid would it be to run a S-Works Tarmac SL7 Stem in 70mm on the Indy Fabulous XC bike?

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  • Like very. Keep it classy for the love of god!

  • ok so the other options are a Kalloy Uno 7 or a Wren.

  • gah, I made the assumption that the m9100 SGS derailleur would work with a 2x12 not realizing that there is a m9120 specifically for 2x. Glad I realized this a few weeks before the frame shows up...

    now to track down a m9120

  • Thomson surely :)

  • well surely @gbj_tester would smack me for running a Thomson...

    also Thomsons are expressly on the "no paint" list

  • So I believe that you can run a 11 speed Shimano mtb derailleur with 12 speed shifter and cassette, anyone wanna chime in on that?

    Other option would be going 1x.

    10-45 with a 28/38 I'd have a gear inch range of 18-111
    10-51 with a 34 I'd have 19-99

    Not too different. The goal here is that I'd have a nice range for getting to the trail head and then usable gear range in the woods. Also would like a usable gear range for pulling the small kiddos in their trailer in the woods and some bikepacking. We're planning on doing the X New Hampshire trail in the spring (https://www.xnhat.org/).

    Should I just go 1x? I guess I could have two c-rings to swap out when I need a lower gear?

  • Should I just go 1x?


    As per my "1x rules", MTBs are fine for 1x.

  • One by gets my vote . After 30 years of dealing with front mechs , loving not having to worry. I am on 10/51 with a 34t on my 29er. I did have a 32t but was not using the easiest gear. Getting a spare front ring to fit is good shout also if you do a lot of road work or something.

  • dunno if I can trust you after this


    Primarily because I only run tubes.

  • You forgot the key detail...

    Road tubeless is stupid.

    Off-road tubeless makes a lot of sense and I run tubeless in my gravel bike and MTBs and used tubeless in the girl's bike for An Turas Mor trip... which started well...

    but ended better...

  • Hippy
    Can I ask what that big red bag under the saddle is . Looking for something similar . Thanks

  • We both use Revelate Viscacha bags. Hers is the updated version with single seatpost strap:


  • Thank you

  • I would love to get gears on my ss ebb Indy fab as I get older . Was looking at a hone mech a few years ago that bolts onto axle . But I wonder if there is a simpler option. Maybe internal hub it I guess..

  • Problem Solvers makes a "Universal Derailleur Hanger"

  • some tyres and a fork showed up this week. bike has been delayed from 7 weeks to well.. Christmas I guess...?

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  • Because of parts of because of… IF?

  • @jb The facilities move, and paint, and general covidness.

    Still waiting on the correct RD and cassette for the build, it's supposed to be here end of the month, we will see on that.

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Make it in Massachusetts: Indy Fab, Fat Chance, Spooky, Seven, Royal H, Peter Mooney, & Geekhouse

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