• Purple Drink

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  • Gorgeous. I need 7800 in my life.

  • Nice.

  • Off to the painter. Going Porsche Grey.

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  • Clean!

  • excitied for this build

  • Clean!

    Thanks! That’s what I’m going for!

  • excitied for this build

    I’ve got it mostly planned out, just need to square away cranks.

  • In 97 the dude on the right built up this IF for the dude on the left. Almost 25 years of getting gnarly.

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  • That's cool!

    (Except that I have brand new bikes that aren't that clean)

  • Excellent bike, excellent story.

    That XTR crankset is quite something...

  • I’m a very sick human who is thinking of selling my Santa Cruz to fund an Indy Fabulous XC machine...

  • Ok so I started the ball rolling today:

    • Indy Fabulous Steel Delux XCish geo
    • Vanilla shake paint
    • SID blue decals
    • SID ultimate fork, in blue of course

    PS also found out today that IF is under new ownership and has moved even further north.

  • I read this also. Any idea on turnaround time nowadays? Some people thought they’d closed up shop as they’ve been hard to get hold of/inactive on social media.

    Bike sounds cool!

  • Hopefully 6 weeks, at least that’s what I’m led to believe.

    Gary the guy who bought a controlling share has moved on to other projects, I didn’t hear who the new boss is, but there seems to be a sigh of relief that he’s gone.

    Also pondering a cream to pink fade front to back, might look good with the SID.

  • Wow that's mad quick. They should really publicise that somewhere like Seven do (unless you're getting special treatment?) Especially considering their framesets are so reasonably priced.

  • Cool Ti Indy Fab I got to work on today.

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  • I don’t know if it’s special treatment or not. Not gonna ask either. I’m expecting some delay anyhow and they just moved shop-space and I’ve never received a custom bike that wasn’t late.

    I’ve been talking with the painter and may just let him go nuts.

    Or paint it to match my Crown Jewel beater?

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  • That IF ti build is not doing it for me too at all but totally with your matching to the Crown Jewel beater (does such a thing exist?) or go with classic IF orange with green panels

  • That IF ti build is not doing it for me at all but totally with your matching to the Crown Jewel beater (does such a thing exist?) or go with classic IF orange with green panels

  • Funny, classic IF for me is green with white panels. Or green to blue fade...

  • Decisions

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  • Been waiting on these levers since April.

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  • Can you please send me that bike?

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Make it in Massachusetts: Indy Fab, Fat Chance, Spooky, Seven, Royal H, Peter Mooney, & Geekhouse

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