• 650b Super Yummy on 650b HED Belgium Plus

  • Absurd! keep it coming!

  • Well I thought I was all fine and dandy, but after one ride the Yummy’s are rubbing the brake pads, if I adjust them not to rub they’re hitting only 2/3 of the brake track.

    Back to the drawing board

    PS for you filthy internet types here’s a picture of my cockpit and my cock.

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  • 26” to 650b test run. Promax brake adapter raises the brake boses 16mm unfortunately it comes with 8x1.25 threading and my frame is “acme” threading. So ordered up some “acme” (5/16x18) bolts to mount the adapter to the frame and some 8x1.25 Ti canti posts and bolts to mount to the brake adapters and the brakes to the posts.

    Brakes are holding fine after two days of riding with the kids. Unfortunately the brakes themselves started off hitting the rims square but after about an hour of riding started rubbing the tyres when not engaged. Tried to lower them to not hit the tyres but then we’re hitting the braking surface by only 2/3rds. Fiddled with it last night, got it to clear the tyre and hit square on the rim. After an hour of riding it’s back to fuckery.

    I could steal the parallel-push brakes off my wife’s bike, they used to sit to close to the frame and rubbed my frame. The adapter might fix that. Or I could run a smaller tyre...

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  • So I can’t get the shifter to stay in the 2x mode, I’ve tried it in 1rst, 2nd, and third and it just pulls back to x3. The attachment is a little video.

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  • Current state of the front rack, it’s more of a mock-up. It’s a SimWorks Potluck with the back ends of the pannier rails trimmed off to expose the hollow insides, the front ends are tapped for a m8 bolt that I replaced with a hollow Ti stem bolt and routed the dynamo cables thru. There’s a little rack mount brazed on the front center to mount a fender tab to guide the cable for the rear light to the other pannier rail.

    I need to find a better way to mount the light, clean up the the cut off ends of the rails, and paint the rack.

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  • I played with mounting the rear light under the rear rack (Nitto Mark’s Rack) due to the light body having a cant so it’ll be straight on a seatpost it either points too far down or too far up. I’m toying with the idea of mounting it on top of the Thomson seatpost under the saddle. I’ve replace the top section of the seatpost clamp with some Ti bits from Toronto Cycles and we will see how it goes.

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  • Front shifter has been absolute garbage. I finally got the shifter to stay in the x2 not x3 mode and it helped a little but not really.

    So went out and picked up a set of XT cranks, slightly smaller big ring at 40t. On the X2 shifting is still pig swill, but strangely on x3 shifts much improved.

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  • So which colour for the grips on the the Indy Fab?

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  • I think your pedals are mounted the wrong way, left pedal on the right side etc.

  • They’re the rinko pedals, and they’ve got MKS on both sides reading the same way.

  • Well we went toffee!

  • Installed a Nitto R14 on the back of the Indy Fab using some extra rack hardware to keep it low, and attached some Spec cargo cages using Nitto draw bolts.

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  • Very much subed!

  • Then attached these mini bags from Ortleib. They’re supposed to be attached to the side of panniers, but I find they make great micro-panniers.

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  • And here is the front rack and decaleur. The rack is a SimWorks Obento rack made by Nitto and the decaleur is mostly made of spare Nitto parts with the clamp being a cut down Minoura water bottle mount.

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  • And here’s the back side of the bag, it’s a Ortleib pannier mount.

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  • And another Indy Fab enters the stable. This was a catalog/show bike from the early 2000s. It later became the IF lunch bike, and when they moved to NH it was gifted to my friend Bruce. I’m moving about 25 miles North of Boston and will need a bike to lock up at the Commuter Rail station, so the bike was passed on to me.
    I received the bike as Frame/Fork, seatpost, drivetrain and shifters. I added my own DA brakes, wheelset, Compass Cycles stem, Nitto Bars, Cambium saddle and tape, and some much maligned Spinachi bars.

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  • I know the paint's rough but it's still way too nice to be locked up on the train station!

  • It’s a “nice” train station ;)

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Alexi’s Made in Somervilles: now including Indy Fab & Fat Chance

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