• Can't just mount it a bit lower on one of the seatstays?

    Too thin for the bracket I have.

  • New light time.

  • New bike time.

  • Went to visit the farm I grew up on today, ran into this dinosaur.

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  • if you can find the full version of this, its well worth watching


  • I’ll track it down.

    You’re in Canada, no?

  • Good grief no; London, England not Ontario.

  • I feel like it’s gonna be forever before we make it back to London, damn virus. Might make it to Waterford for a christening this fall.

  • The green Spooky came back from Cantibrigian Mechanics finally. And I’ve pieced together a new drive train.

    First on the BB and cranks. Though I feel the rings may be a little divisive.

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  • Recabled the brakes, really need to sort out the rear dynamo routing. The wires seem to have grown.

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  • Quite like that shade of green.

  • New chain installed. I’ll get around to the rest of it tonight.

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  • Same. It's a lovely looking frame and I'd rarely consider green as a colour option for my bikes.

  • @withered_preacher

    It’s funny, I usually don’t care for green. But this frames colour has really grown on me. I like the rainbow/oils slick bits, I think they are subtle with the green but cool when you notice.

  • Suspicious bar to hood transition, but other than that, love this bike and colour. Love the chain, too.

  • Suspicious bar to hood transition

    I’ve since rotated the bars down and moved the levers up.

  • Why I love tubeless. Didn’t even know I had a puncture.

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  • Did you find out when someone asked who spunked on you?

    Another reason to leave my bike coated in mud - paint protection from tyre jizz

  • I assumed you had!

  • Not without fair warning ;)

  • Crazy how much darker purple this Skeletor used to be! The picture isn’t even doing it justice.

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  • So Nao from Tomii cycles sent me a Magic Bean to fix my cable travel issue. These were once made in Mass, I think 44rn was involved at one point.

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  • Finally getting around to finishing this fella.

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  • Some Spooky updates!
    Cabling on the Skeletor is done, though it seems a bit long in the front. When mocked up shorter it appears to bind.

    PS I need to change the tyres, the 28s have expanded to within a rizzla of the chain stay.

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  • And the all important rubber boot for my cranks on the Supertouch.

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