• A-4

    We’re at a tie fellas

  • C for me, there you go, broke the deadlock.

  • A for me

  • For me, A

  • C for me

  • b 👀

  • C 4 me

  • Does it help if I vote A again, I'm alive and an eligible voter?

  • A-7

    At a tie again with @SasenFrAsen voting from this side of the grave and @PhilDAS with a very brave vote for B.

  • B actually looks more correct in the perspective than A, could be the angle of the photo.
    Depends how it's placed on the tube, I would say B.

  • Marty thinks the Geekhouse might have once belonged to his partner in crime Brad.

  • So the Beardman that came with the Geekhouse and Spooky had it’s rear seat stays off about 1/4 inch. Chainstays seem to be even.

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  • Stupid bike

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  • Just found this. I’m sure you’ve seen it before but I thought it fits well in here:

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    • 594191DE-CC65-4FAF-969F-D136D6ADA0AD.jpeg
  • Super cool!

    Though, I’m surprised to see Serotta and thus Kirk on there. Serotta were New York based which is not part of New England.

  • Oh hey, yeah I forgot about that! There’s a few missing pieces and such on there. Spooky should be connected to FTW. There should be a cross pollination between Hot Tubes and IF. Geekhouse should come out of Seven and Ant.

    Missing is Cantibrigian Mechanics who made bikes for Spooky & Gaulzetti and makes parts for Firefly, Geekhouse, Salia, Royal H, etc.

    Honestly should look more like a ball of yarn then the straight lines it has.

  • Serotta, though being in New York had a lot of New England welders come thru it’s doors. We designed the Fierte in conjunction with Serotta back in the day. Way back when I had a Peugeot that Ben had brazed track ends into back in the 70s. Weird bike with 110 spacing, sold the bike but still have the stem!

  • I’m gonna go with the OG head badge if anyone is keeping track. It being Brad’s old frame I think it deserves it.

    Here are some shitty pictures that Mike sent me of the repairs:

    2 Attachments

    • F067E23C-8336-41E6-BA67-D164B6139E10.jpeg
    • A1A10EE2-8703-43F0-AD61-BEB26D77DA46.jpeg
  • I almost contacted Cantabrian the other day. I want a Gaulzetti Corsa / Interclub but don’t wanna pay Gaulzetti prices but didn’t think they’d build for the general public. Any idea?

    When you say ‘we’ designed the Fierte with Serotta, who is we? Unsure of your background.

  • Cantibrigian/Commonwealth isn’t building frames right now. If they do in the near future they’re more likely to be closer to the Spooky end of the spectrum. When they do build it takes fucking 3 years to get a bike out of them.

    On the Fierte question, I used to (and sometimes still do) work for WheelWorks. In the oughts we were the busiest shop in the US per square foot.

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    • 60F6DF2C-3B28-4E6A-AF2F-41C51AEED0A2.jpeg
  • Gooooot it got it got it. I did know that. That's nice. I want a pair of wheels just like that. Literally part for part other than the hubs.

  • Those DA hubs were nice, and way better priced the CK hubs.

  • Ughh so everyone is telling me that I’m gonna have a shit job if I get a clear powder over a gun blued frame. Should I just get this powder coated?

  • Yes. Stop this raw steel fetish right now

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Make it in Massachusetts: Indy Fab, Fat Chance, Spooky, Seven, Royal H, Peter Mooney, & Geekhouse

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