• That's pretty impressive! Maybe the hair is the key ingredient to keeping it all from falling out the vent gaps. Love width of this thread (and bikes)!

  • Getting a little bit along with the Spooky.

    1. New wheels built around a hub I had laying around. WI rear and Son front, laced up to Belgium Plus.

    2. Finally found where I stuck the DA rings, 50/36 and had to buy a new fd clamp. It’s carbon yo!

    3. Dialed in cockpit length, so installed a Enve stem and stem mounted bracket for my light and Garmin. Changed out the Sinewave for Edelux as this bike will probably be 75% pavement.

    Things to do: solder in the coaxial Son quick connectors. Waiting for my MiniMotos back from Ant Bike Mike. Install a tail light. Decide if I want to install rivnuts for water bottle cages.

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  • Siiiicccckkkkkk

  • That spooky is very very cool

  • Looking good.

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  • Took 50g off my Spooky today. 50g is 10 nickels for my fellow Americans.

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  • Chuck it in a drill and it's rotational weight.

  • That’s 8 loonies of weight for you...

  • On the Spooky, I pulled off the Paul cantis, and weighed them with the hangers and bits. I then went to weigh the mini-motor. Shit, I’m missing the propriety noodles!

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  • Spooky CXXC

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  • Here’s some finished shots of that ti IF that I refurbished:

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  • Very pleasant.
    Yours and Hulsroys threads are the ones I look out for on the CP page.
    Always summat good to look at.

  • Yours and Hulsroys threads are the ones I look out for on the CP page.

    The highest praise one could hope for.

  • That is the IF colour scheme IMO. Looks great.

  • That Ti IF.... Probably good for my finances that I'm far from MA

  • Updated weight of the brake swap, so I saved uhh 44g?

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