• So this little bird just fell into my lap as part of a sale/trade. It was supposed to be a 18” 2000 Steel Delux. Well it’s a 17” Steel Special, and it’s serial #238 dates it to pre-98. The bike has a canti hanger in the rear, I think Shimano V-brakes debuted in 96?

    The Bomber Pro fork has seen better days, gonna swap it out with a rigid fork, suspension corrected 1”? I think a Kona Project 2 fits the bill. Probably replace the 8 speed XTR&XT bits with a 1x10 XT kit I have kicking around.

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  • Well the dropout is a bit buggered. See what we can do about that at the shop tomorrow.

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  • Following!

  • That's a bit nice. Looks 1 1/8" to me.

    Don't replace the cranks and mech, modern XT looks cack!

  • This is so great. What a fantastic bike!

  • I’ve pulled the stem, it’s definately 1”.

    I thought about keeping the dt, but well... I like modern parts.

  • Hot! Hopefully you can sort the dropout thing out.

  • Waaaw, superb find!

  • Straightened the dropout and did a heavy clean of the frame. Simple Green followed by BikeLust. Gonna hit it with some Turtle Wax tomorrow, protect and polish.

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  • This is the cleanest IF BB shell I’ve see. No rust, original (?) grease. Smells like horse shit?

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  • So a bit of the back story on this frame has emerged. I was pretty sure this frame came from my shop when the owner sent me pictures, at least it had one of our stickers on it. In the early 2000s we were selling 100-120 frames a year, one of if not the biggest IF dealers.
    So it ends up that the guy who traded me this frame used to work at my shop (wtf he didn’t tell me when I told him I work there).
    It was a display frame made in 96/97 and was sold to make room for an updated display frame in 2000. I guess that’s why he ended up with a women’s frame?

  • Installed a Kona Project 2 fork today. Tossed on a Sim-Works seatpost and bars, took a few measurements and I’m very worried it’s gonna be too small for me :(

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  • Dibs! And sub’d

  • Looks great. What's the shifter in the last pic?

  • Oh wow. A beaut. Following.

  • Whoa, this is gonna be hot!

  • It does doesn't it - thanks. Beautiful thing, maybe a bit rich for the project I'm thinking of...

  • It’s a microshift, you can pick them up cheap on the eBay.

  • Ha, if you’re serious (and it does end up being too small) I can bring it to Cambridge in March when I’m visiting the family.

  • So the cranks I have are for boost spacing, would give s terrible chain line. What the thoughts on these but with a Wolf Tooth ring?

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  • Mmm some older 110bcd Deore cranks would be better or maybe middleburn ones if you can.
    Frame is stunning

  • Funny, I gave away a pair of Deore cranks last night...
    Only reason I’m thinking of the VO ones is ‘cause I already have them, which is a less then ideal reason.

  • Yeah, they suit a faux retro rando build. Really you need White Industries cranks :)

  • The Indy Fabulous is just too small for me, gonna try to pass this frame on.

    Good news is that but looks like another storied Somerville MTB frame might be coming my way...

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