• Aliverti 90's tig welded frameset, good condition with a few mark's here and there..
    frame 1.84kg - fork 590g
    Seat tube 57cm C/C - 62cm C/T

    Vanni Losa 1970's frameset (rare piece from arguably the best italian builder of all time)
    fair condition with expected wear from a 40 year old frame, some chrome pitting on fork
    frame 1.89kg - fork 660g
    Columbus SL tubing
    Campag dropouts
    Lots of fine details throughout
    seat tube 56cm C/C - 57cm C/T

    1970's Somec Special, in obvious need of a respray.. good structural condition with lots of cutouts and details..
    Seat tube 58cm C/T - 57cm C/C
    Frame 1.74kg fork 690g
    Columbus Sl tubing
    Unknown columbus El-OS frameset branded atala
    seat tube 57cm C/T 56cm C/C
    Frame 2kg fork 650g
    Bought off here a few months ago.. looking to make my money back

    late 60's early 70's Pagani Criterium.. To be honest i am not really looking to part with this, even though it is far too small for me. Such a special frame! Super rare beast with the most detail i have ever seen on a frame.. Open to offers on this one.
    seat tube 54cm C/T 53cm C/C
    Frame 1.73kg fork 650g

    Cheap Viscount racer.. 61cm CT
    has a weird BB in it that i can't be bothered working out how to remove
    £50 for the frameset, headset & knackered BB

    Few more to be added in the next couple days..
    Immaculate alan super record frameset but with a small crack in headlug. branded colzani
    x2 Gazelle champion framesets... 531 on both frames but with a missing original fork on one

    I can ship globally no problem!

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  • Losa, i have a full set of replacement decals which will be included

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  • .

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  • 👀

  • Alan

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  • Unknown EL-OS

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  • Somec

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  • Pagani.. as mentioned above i am more just looking to show this thing off!

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  • I have loads of shot's of all bikes but the uploader is crap.. feel free to send me a message for more photos

  • Somec would be a fucking sick project for @hoops

  • I have a full somec panto campy groupset but this frame is too early to match... otherwise i would have kept and had it restored! Would kill for a nice Martini painted frame

  • Hi, you have more info and details on that all white Gazelle?

  • Love the look of that Somec - how much to post to london?

  • Hey! i was going to get round to them today, both gazellle's are painted in a pearlescent paint, one is missing the original fork... one frame 59cm CT the other is 60cm CT.
    One frame is an AA super and the other is an AB, both in reynolds tubing. very nice lugs. race number hanger on the AB!

  • I think £15 should cover one frame. Pm if interested

  • That Paganini has a strong Aende feel about it - is there a frame number?

  • It's a Pagani not a Paganini, Very little information online! very highly regarded by people familiar with them.
    Heres another one i had a few months ago.. beautiful frame

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  • .

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  • Ah, gotcha, I read what I wanted to read!

  • Hi. Sent you a PM about the Somec.

  • Interested in the Gazelle AB

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Various framesets... Losa, Somec, Aliverti, Alan, Pagani, Gazelle

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