Rattle-y campag shifter - fixed

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  • Not sure if there's a place for 'fixed it!' tips?
    Probably (utfs.)
    However, had a really rattle-y (Mirage) left-hand shifter, annoying as and usually a trip to the LBS to have get it striped and rebuilt (as suspected something to do with spring tensions in the mechanism, etc. and being too scared to take the whole thing apart and then having to take it to the shop with the bits I've broken as a result of ham-fistedness.)
    But... nothing wrong with the shifter - the caliper was so sticky it wasn't returning, so leaving the lever slack. Loosen off the cable, WD-40 blasts into the caliper, lots of squeeze-release by hand to free up the sticktion(?), bingo! Goodbye Mr Lever-Rattle.

  • Bumping this!

    Been running 1st gen 9sp Athena on my old road bike for ages. It’s lovely, apart from a fairly quiet rattling in the shifters. This seems to have got louder, in the right one recently.

    The above seems to say ‘squirt shit loads of WD40 in there’, which frankly is not encouraging me to try this. I don’t teally know how the ratchet stuff in there works, and I certainly don’t want to fuck it. It otherwise works beautifully.

    It’s not the misaligned lever thing that sometimes causes rattles, and I really don’t think it’s the QR pin - going from the source of it, it seems really inside.


  • PS nobody say ‘buy shimano’. Thangyouplease.

  • Yo.
    I had the same issue as the OP stated too recently, and it was also the exact same result - turned out it wasn't the shifter, but the caliper 'sticking' slightly. Took the caliper off and gave it a good clean (blasted it with degreaser in a lunchbox), and not sure if I slightly loosened the pivot bolt... anyway totally solved the problem. God knows how long I tolerated that rattle for.

    BUT you say you're adamant yours is definitely in the lever. So no idea. (But double check as the rattle with mine WAS coming from the lever - it was just the sticky caliper that was causing it. No need to touch the lever).

  • (10 speed centaur lever and old chorus skeleton calipers in case it makes any difference)

  • Also, would be strange to have a problem with both shifters - which does suggest something else is up.

  • edit. Posted before reading the aboves. Doh.

  • I’ve put up with the mild rattling for quite a while. Just the seeming increase on the right one made me wonder if anyone with a long history of using campagnolo groups might have the answer. @andyp you any knowledge of rattly Athena 9 shift/levers?

  • Guess I could stick some grease in somwhere ... but I am afraid I’ll fuck em.

  • i wouldnt grease the levers...

  • Yeah I was half kidding.

  • Just peeled hood back (can’t get it off), really sounds like it’s coming from somewhere near the cam thingy.

  • Ah i dunno, bit of grease may not do any harm actually - i got no idea.

    Does it rattle when you have the lever pulled and brake engaged?

  • Thanks for that, solid non-drastic advice. Will try.

  • My experience of using Campag is history now, don't think I've had a bike with it for 3 years now.

    Don't ever remember having a problem with rattling levers, and if I did, I've forgotten the fix.

  • OK mate, worth a try. It’s ancient gear by today’s standards. Bit like us.

  • Could be the spring housing. But why not just open it up and have a look? They’re really quite easy to strip and rebuild, with parts quite easy to get hold of. What’s the worst that can happen! :0)

    Quite a few 10 speed videos available on YouTube, this is the best one I’ve seen to date.


    Judging by the text on this link, to me 9 speed sounds extremely similar.

    (also a link to official Campag rebuild instructions at the bottom)

    My only doubt is that as they are a model slightly lower down the range that they might not be repairable, but I’ve not found anything on the internet to either prove or disprove this.

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Rattle-y campag shifter - fixed

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