Specialized Hard Rock - drop bar commuter frankenbike

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  • Picked this frame up from @peaceofshhhh yesterday and am turning into a hideously-stemmed frankenbike with random bits from the spare parts bin.

    Missing parts are in the mail. We'll see how this turns out!

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  • Excited for this. Biggest tyres imaginable please!

  • I wanted to go for Schwalbe Big Apples, but my wallet decided for City Jets instead....will keep my eyes peeled for bargainous balloon tyres!

  • Inspiration....

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  • Yep, that's superb!

  • One of the greats.

    Awesome frame! That paint job is actually the inspiration for my next frame.

    Excited to see where this goes.

  • I agree, the paint job is really great! What's your next frame? You have a CP thread for it?

    Also I'm happy to take suggestions and recommendations for this project.

  • I'm happy to take suggestions and recommendations for this project.

    Can't really go wrong with this I think. Some mudguards would be nice, stainless ideally like the inspiration (if budget allows). Silver finishing kit will probably look right.

    My next frame will hopefully be custom, so hard at work designing and saving still.

  • Hell yeah, keep us posted, love conversions like this!

  • Some more inspo

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  • Nice, these all look amazing!

    To be fair, @vp1337 has some nice inspirational ones too!

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  • damn....I'm starting to think my attempt at this is going to be pretty sh*** in comparison to all these inspirational examples! Already the stem is putting me at a disadvantage :D

  • The master

  • Haha, I feel honored! Your bike will have lot better components though, can't wait too see it finished. :)
    Functionality > looks, if this stem works best don't count it as a disadvantage!

  • That Stumpjumper is gorgeous!

  • Any thoughts on whether a Tiagra 4700 FD meant for a double will get along with an XT triple crankset?

    I now have all the bits...except for some dia compe levers which have been delayed

  • Always loved that, but after riding a similar bike for a couple years, guarantee you that that stem is significantly higher now.

  • Progress made!

    It is now a rideable bike, although it is yet to be truly tested and there are several issues. Something is not quite right with the rear mech - it does not seem to take up the slack from the chain on the smallest cogs and the chain just slips if I shift onto this gears. Just looking at the pictures something seems to not be 100% right...this may not be an issue for a very flat commute, but will need to be looked into. The cantis work fine, but they're a faff to dial in so there's a bit of judder. For now the front mech is just there as a chain guide.

    I have a sense I'll need to tweak my fit on it as well, primarily in terms of reach.

    But even with all these caveats, the 5 min test ride was quite fun!

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  • the more i look at that mech, the more I think I messed something up

  • The little tooth that is at the bottom of mech hangers. There‚Äôs a lip on the mech that goes to the left of it. Is It?

  • The cable outer loop looks way too short. (from the rear mech stop on the chain stay to the derailleur).

  • Thanks for the quick replies...actually just fixed it, forgot to hold it back while tightening onto the mech hanger. Now looks alright, pictures tomorrow hopefully. Thanks again!

  • Just in case you need any more inspiration...

    Regarding the derailleur; Is it possible to loosen off the bolt and rotate the entire derailleur clockwise around the hanger?

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  • Oooof! I love this! Is it yours?

    Yes, this was the issue. I reinstalled and it all looks as it should now. Thanks

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Specialized Hard Rock - drop bar commuter frankenbike

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