After Hours - Bahnrad

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  • Can we see it anyway?

  • Show us please

  • Only took one pic:

  • That looks pretty nice to me! I guess if it's not what you want, it's not what you want though.

  • It looks like a technically well executed paint job but you were right to get rid. Gold has no place on a bike.

  • Quality of workmanship looks good. I really hope you can work it out with your mate.

  • The quality of the finish was never in question just that he’d not ticked the boxes I’d asked him to and had done a lot of things I don’t really like: stripes, mix of matte and glossy with hard edges and a gold, khaki, red, grey color scheme. Any of those elements on their own I could have lived with but they all added up to a paint job that just wasn’t for me.

    I flatted it back on Monday so it’s ready for a re-do but my man is on holiday for the whole of February and has a lot to turn around before he goes so chances are it’ll be into March before I get it back...

  • How did he take it when you asked him to re do?

  • Fair play to you. It is such a quality product it needs to be exactly what you want in terms of finish

  • That's quite horrible but to be fair it is "loud and bright"

  • Pretty offended but we’ve made our peace

  • 3rd time’s (hopefully) a charm

  • Man all your projects make for such good readin

  • Any updates??

  • @Skant updates??!

  • I'll just keep bumping this

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After Hours - Bahnrad

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