After Hours - Bahnrad

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  • Word from the painter is that it'll be ready early next week. I've asked him to document the painting process but not to show me anything until I see the finished article.

  • Exciting! Looking forward to this

  • And the last small wee job was brazing in the integrated headset cups

    Did these cups need reaming after brazing?

  • So long as the headtube they’re being brazed into is well faced and reamed so that the cups aren’t under tension there should be minimal distortion from heat, so in this case no

  • I popped over to the painter yesterday, he has lots of urgent jobs on and this is a low priority (although I'm itching to get back on the track) so it's been pushed back a bit however primer is on and he's promised it'll be done on Monday. Excited!

  • Just found this thread - better late than never and just in time for the big reveal apparently!

  • Today's Monday in my calendar. Excited to see what this looks like all done!

  • Wednesday lunchtime, still waiting....

  • breakfast thursday, still waiting

  • Get a life, dorks!

  • Picked this up on Tuesday and got hit with a bit of a curveball...

  • Good curveball or bad curveball?

  • ?

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  • tease...

  • Good curveball.
    It is now displayed in the entrance hall of the Berlin 6 days.
    Skant is too busy taking replica orders to post any pictures.

  • Nah bad curveball, currently too busy reducing it to dust on the paint studio floor to post any pictures

  • reducing it to dust

    Seems a bit harsh. Although I read in the Guinness book of records about a guy who ate an entire bicycle, he ground it down to powder first. Is this something you're considering?

  • Lordy, what has gone wrong? I'm assuming it is a Frankenpaint as opposed to anything catastophic with the build?

  • Dibs on remains/dust.
    Can't afford a framebuilder,
    I ll pretend I 'm venturing in the art market.

  • the suspense is killing me

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After Hours - Bahnrad

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