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  • New city, new company, new project

    I’ve been working as a framebuilder for hire the past few years, taking me from London to Scotland and onwards to Berlin. Since being here I’ve been riding the track a lot and have had an itch to build a new track frame for myself.

    The idea for the project is oversized everything, smooth edges, aero tubing. Some cool construction details without getting too fancy. It will be fillet brazed and the mitres will be mostly hand cut.

    The geometry and handling characteristics will be similar to my other bikes so as to give me a clearer idea of the difference the tubing profiles make to the ride.

    I’m riding at the Berlin 6 day in a few weeks, however a broken rib has meant I can’t train so instead I decided to spend the time after hours building a bike. I won’t be fast but at least I’ll have a sweet new bike.


    • Columbus Pista 1.5” tapered stearer carbon fork
    • Tapered integrated headset headtube
    • Aero “L” Zona DT, 51x32 (formed from 42mm tube)
    • Custom formed 35mm top tube, bi-axially ovalised 32x38
    • Round seattube to take a 31.6 post
    • 40mm BSA BB
    • MAX chainstays
    • Aero seatstays

    Pics and process to follow

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  • Very excited to see this develop

  • Nice, I'm in

  • Gorgeous! Right up my alley!

  • Yes! Looking forward to this

  • Sounds great.

  • Rad

  • Looking forward to seeing more!

  • Looking forward to this. If you don't mind me asking, how and when did you get in framebuilding?

  • Been reading up on your previous projects lately. I am looking forward to seeing how this develops!
    Who's employing you in Berlin, if you don't mind me asking?

  • Sorry for the delay gang, the build has been progressing along but I’ve struggled to find time to get on a computer.

  • Sure, a pretty traditional route into a non-traditional career - I went to the Yamaguchi Framebuilding School in 2015, then interned for a year in London, went to college to learn to weld and gain more machine shop skills, then got the job at Shand and moved to Scotland. Stayed there near two years and moved to Berlin in summer

  • All will be clear when the logos go on

  • Ha! Obviously :)

  • I just wanted to check in with the boss before posting the name

  • I understand. Can't wait to see more of this.

  • Process began early on a Saturday morning, coffee, computer, sunrise, geometry

    Identifying clearance parameters. I'll be running Omniums on this, with the well documented clearance issues they have (and my own locked out of reach in the velodrome) I spent a while double, tripple checking that I was working from accurate specs.

    Then drawing everything out actual size along with some doodles on design and filleting

    Finalised geometry and buildmaster drawings

  • Tubes

  • Downtube

    Toptube pre and post forming

    Headtube and BB

  • Party time

    Front triangle all fit up, will do a final refinement of mitres before clean-up and tacking

  • I’m really looking forward to that seattube/stay/toptube joint.
    I’ve had a very similar one on my mind.

  • Found time yesterday morning to process the chainstays

  • Been doing it on a bunch of bikes recently, though not quite so open at the back. It's quite a cool design/construction feature I think and not too difficult to do

  • It's the open back that really does it.
    The rest of the project looks very cool too!

  • This is going quick! Thanks for sharing:)

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After Hours - Bahnrad

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