OT: Hifi – KEF B139 drivers – Quad

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  • Something for everyone. Continuing the thread of “get rid” for 2019. Updated to reflect changes in availability and as more stuff is uncovered from boxes in the attic.

    SOLD: Mission Cyrus One integrated amplifier
    DIBSED NAD 304 integrated amplifier
    SOLD: Tannoy Fusion 1 bookshelf speakers
    Thanks all...

    Quad 34/303 pre/power combo £250
    The 34 includes an extra MC input module and the combo includes a bunch of cables to connect DIN to phono, a tape deck, an iPhone or anything else with a 3.5mm jack.
    The 303 is a classic Wellington-bomber-construction Quad stereo power amplifier.
    Cheap because: In good general shape given the age, but please read and digest the info on the 34!
    After not using this 34/303 for maybe 15 years, I powered it on to run it in for a couple of hours and half-way through the session, noticed the audio cut out completely. “Weird…” I thought… and then found that the 34 had jumped from the aux input to the phono with no human interaction. I took the 34’s casing apart and saw a tiny bit of ooze from some of the soldered components on the pcb (see pics). This is a known issue with these pre-amps and is the reason for the very low combo price: Basically, you have a choice to deal with the occasional input switch and other symptoms (LEDs may show incorrect selection) and run it as-is, or you can roll-your-own fixes as and when your fancy takes you. Remedies are well-documented, can be an excuse to do some component upgrades, can make this bit of kit a personalised heirloom &c &c.
    Phono MM/MC // Radio // Tape // Aux // Output

    More pics:

    KEF bass/mid/tweeter five-out-of-six-work bundle £30
    From two sources. I’ve been carting these around for years. As my original plan was to use the KEF bass drivers for a kind of Quad ESL sub extender thing AND I SOLD MY ESLs, it’s not gonna happen.

    KEF B139 bass drivers. Heavy, large (size is 330mm x 240mm) and tatty.
    Working. Not perfect - one sounds a little more ‘brittle’ than the other - but then, they’re not costing you £200 a pop (inc VAT).
    KEF T15 tweeters. Were working when I got them, I haven’t tested since packing away. So I am bundling them as-is. (diameter is 95mm at the widest point, 85mm is what’s presented).
    KEF B200 SP1014 mid/bass drivers. One works, the other appears to have some cone separation and doesn’t, the bastard. Bundled.

    More pics:

  • dibs on the Cyrus!

  • How does the 304 compare to the C350? I have a C350 in the loft - and was planning to use it with a phono-stage when I get a replacement turntable.

  • Will take the nad - PM incoming.

  • Honestly? I don’t know. But the 304 and C350 are close enough in spec. (for me) for me to say “use the C350 and save up for something really special if you still need to scratch that itch”!

    Most stuff is okay isn't it? My first real bit of hi-fi was a handed-down Leak Stereo 30 Plus when I was a teenager, as my parents ‘upgraded’ to a Dynatron music centre. I've bought so much stuff since then; none of it really much better than the Leak, if I'm honest : )

  • All DMs replied to!

  • Dibs...Tannoys

  • Added some KEF B139s and assorted loudspeaker nause.

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OT: Hifi – KEF B139 drivers – Quad

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