• Easy LFGSS crew - perhaps a slightly lame listing by some of your books, but worth a try perhaps?

    I've become acquainted with a neighbour who is in the house clearance game. He's got a good stream of bikes coming through at the current moment and I'm helping them find new homes.

    I'm not a mechanic. Most of these bikes require some light work but I'll be pricing them as to reflect this. By all means correct me if these prices are wrong - I want these out the door to make room for more! My contact is a really nice chap and I'd like to help see him some fair cash for his work, so please be reasonable.

    If you need any measurements/testing doing, please don't hasten to give me a shout.

    Collection will be from Walworth Road, SE17.

    So, first up - we have an ORANGE 'Clockwork' MTB in decent condition! With the wishbone seat stays and some Deore LX components. £40.

    Next, a nice Raleigh Caprice step through with the glorious Liz Peperell floral decor! I had a quick go on this and it rode really nicely. I have to double check the situation with the gears as I've just been told they might be the old type which require a back-pedal to instigate. The tyres are in great shape considering the age, while the wheels show a few signs of surface rust. This bike comes with a little old pannier. £70.

    Also a bit rusty, an Apollo 'Wayfarer' folding bike. Rear brake will need some attention (it's not clinching). Again, the tyres are in decent nick. £30 for a quick sale?

    Lastly, an old Phoenix town bike with an extra top tube. Both of the brake mechanisms aren't currently working, and the thing does also have some surface rust. £40 take-home value for anybody?

    Hopefully more to come soon! Thanks for your time.

  • @t0-ster orange? :)

  • Dibs orange

  • Nice!

    Out of interest do you know what seatpost size the orange is? Got one and haven’t worked it out yet

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    I'm moving pretty hectic this week but will look into it when I catch a second!

  • Could come pick up the orange tomorrow if still available

  • If you could that would be brill, no worries if you don’t find the time :) thank you

  • Waiting on confirmation from Sterobe - if not, it's your's.

  • orange sold?

  • dibs on raleigh caprice if it's not already gone! pm incoming

  • It's your's! Will drop you a message in just a second.

    The Orange is up for grabs once more. Unfortunately I can't cater for first dibses - it'll be first come first served! My number is 07956 853 538 to keep things simple. Cheers!

  • Orange is now SOLD.

    Any takers on the others?

  • Folding bike is SOLD.

    I'd be happy to see another £80 for the Phoenix and Raleigh combined, so if anyone wants to work out a shared purchase between two people to cut costs on one of them, hit me up!

  • Phoenix and floral Raleigh now SOLD.

    Fresh through the door - a lovely French Bernard Dangre. Some rust to the frame, brakes both need adjusting (I have tools here on Walworth Road if you want to ride it away). Dynamo also needs a re-fit, otherwise rides quite well. £60.

    Also, a later Raleigh Caprice step through. Dynamo also needs a re-jig, rear wheel has a small kink and the rear brake will need attention. Cheap! £25.


    £40 for the Bernard Dangre! Lovely moustache bars and a very decent Marathon rear tyre. Not to mention a glorious frame - can't go wrong!

    And £20 for the Raleigh Caprice comfy pub bike!

    still available

  • What size is the Dangre and does it have a dynamo or need one (guessing it’s the ‘milk bottle’ type)?

  • Don't think there's dynamo I' m afraid. Apologies - I've no idea r.e. the Milk Bottle terminology!

    Will get a tape measure to it when I possibly can!

  • Next up, a very old 'York' single speed with a truly luscious geometry. Reluctant sale! Pedal back brakes. Starting at £80 so as not to shoot myself in the foot!

    And an old Giant ATS frame with a decent set of cranks and beater saddle. Worth £40 to anybody?

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  • Apollo step through (gears need attention, currently s/s)- £40
    Folding bike - £40

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    • 20190123_155734.jpg
  • Nice ladies bike with Sugino components and fresh bar tape, needs a saddle - £50

    Marin MTB - sold as seen etc. £40 starter project for someone?

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    • 20190123_155341.jpg
    • 20190123_155416.jpg
  • Neat, cheers. The dynamo is the one that runs against a tyre, looks like a little bottle :)

  • York and Raleigh folding bike both SOLD.

    100% accepting offers on this stuff to get it shifted - come and lowball me!

  • Marin MTB - £20.
    Giant frame - £20.
    Apollo step through - £30
    Nice ladies bike only missing a saddle - £35
    Dangre - £30

    Utter bargains only still here due to the empty pockets of January! Tell yer mates!

  • Any bikes you don't sell for whatever reason, you could consider donating to https://thebikeproject.co.uk

  • I'd be all over that Marin if I hadn't already taken the Orange off your hands!

    Bumping for a good seller anyway...

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