• First up is my Martrac Lo Pro:
    Frame/Forks/DA Headset/Campag 18h on Hope Hub.
    Top tube: 56cm
    Seat tube: 57cm
    The bike has got a dent in the top tube - it has been talked about it both the previous sales threads 1 and 2.
    Pretty cool bike, it's ratty and trashed but that's what makes it so cool.


    Next up is a Gazelle Champion Mondial:
    Top tube: 54cm
    Seat tube: 55.5cm
    The frame is from a friend's garage and had a load of rust spots. My plan was to flat back the rusty bits, braze on some mudguard eyes, clear coat and then use it as a winter hack. Life got in the way and it never got finished.

    Saracen Transverse Competition Hydrotech Retro MTB:
    Full Bike.
    Top tube: 21"
    Seat tube: 19.5"
    Very fun and very cool, but I just don't have the space for it at the moment. The bike is on Pedal Room. The main difference is, the front mech has been removed, so it's a 1x setup. The brakes were bled recently so work better than most modern V brakes and the gear cable and housing was replaced so that functions as it should too.

    Up next is the Knight Tandem, that was hung in Cycle PS for a long time. My plan was to reuse this when I was ploughing ahead with the idea of opening my own bike shop. However life gets in the way and plans have changed so it's just collecting dust. One of the front brake mounts has broken off so either a new one needs to be brazed on, or a long drop brake can be used instead.
    I payed £300, however I'm willing to take an idiot tax and let this go for £250.

    Geoffrey Butler Full Build
    Full Bike.
    Top tube: 56cm
    Seat tube: 56cm

    This is a lovely Geoffrey Butler built road frame, that has at some point had track dropouts put on, then a new coat of paint.
    Really don't want to sell this bike, but I really need the space and cash.
    Steel frame, no idea of the tubing but it's not heavy and has lovel fastback stays on it.
    Dura Ace Headset, Columbus Cromor Forks, Cinelli 1A Stem (100mm), Deda Piega Compact Drops, SRAM Levers, Shimano 600 front brake, Ksyrium Front Wheel, Unbranded Rear Wheel, SR Cranks, Sharpied Miche 48T Ring, Ultegra SPD Pedals, Specialized/Nitto Seatpost, Concor Supercorsa Suede Saddle.
    As mentioned above, I love this bike and really don't wanna see it go, but here we are.

    Everything is based in Kenilworth near Coventry.
    I'll be visiting London over the coming weeks, so could arrange delivery/collection that way. Alternatively I'd be more than happy to post.
    Feel free to tell me if my prices are way out.

  • nice Gazelle - got anymore detail photos?

  • dibs saracen pending price - can you tell me how much?
    ed - undibs

  • £180, I'll add it to the description

  • Second dibs on the gazelle!

  • possible dibs on the martrac

    I'm in Cov too

  • Also interested in the Gazelle - third in line?

  • cv8's biggest bike nerd

  • just lucky he's not in cv12 then eh lmao

  • Ahh the Martrac!! That thing sold quickly! Paid a pretty penny for it back in the day. Insanely light and insanely aggressive, loved that thing. Whoever buys it now is in for a back breaking speed treat

  • I'm out on the gazelle, too many projects on the go already... shame as it is pretty cool, late Champion Mondial - could make a nice TVM homage!

  • Geoffrey Butler added to original post

  • How much for the Geoffrey Butler? Unless I'm being an idiot and can't see it

  • Sorry, I'm always doing that.
    I'd like £395 for the whole build but I'm open to offers/combining postage etc etc

  • What size stoker could fit on the Knight?

  • Saracen looks rad

  • So, putting the crank at the bottom and then measuring up the rear seat tube then adding a sensible size gap for a slammed saddle, minimum inside leg is 75cm.
    What sized person are you thinking of fitting on there?

    You can get adjustable stoker stems/different bars so reach at the back is something and nothing. But on this bike it's 57cm seatpost to seatpost, but then with an 80mm stem coming back towards the rear rider, so it's effectively 49cms.
    Hope this makes sense/helps!

  • Thank you :~)

  • Hmm, 5"4' so 74cm inside leg at a push...

  • Sorry for the horrific lighting, even if you could just about squeeze it I'd be worried about standover height

    Edit meant to be in reply to @onyerbike
    Saddle added for measuring reasons

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  • Probably the worst photo ever, but demonstrates my point

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  • Do you still have the gazelle?
    How much would you charge for shipping?
    Plus does it only have ratty paint job or are there any dents or cracks?

  • Ah thanks, I think it might be a bit of a push...cheers for checking.

  • Nevermind

  • Hi - I’m certain it is legit, it’s a later 90s model post TVM team sponsorship with some nice details - panto’d seat stays are nice, two bottle cage mounts and cast in crown
    This AB is the same as the picture top right of link - http://velobase.com/Velos/ViewModel.aspx­?ID=955ea5a3-1421-4767-8403-f035d6af44de­
    Dropouts have been sanded in prep for mudguard mounts I believe - AB frames don’t have any chrome

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Martrac Lo Pro, Geoffrey Butler Fixed, Ratty Gazelle, Retro MTB & CyclePS Tandem

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