WTD: 1" carbon fork, >210mm steerer

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  • As above. Should be of some kind of known brand, in decent condition, black. Anyone got something please?

  • Still looking.

  • Interested in a columbus minimal? Carbon steerer 1 inch slightly raked. Need to measure tho

  • I’ve got one Tifosi and another Profile.

    PM if interested

  • (PMed both, still looking for more options)

  • I bought a Tifosi 1” one a while back that takes mudguard and a 28. It’s fine. Ally steerer.

  • Meaning you're considering selling it on? Or are you recommending them? I've seen Triton Cycles offers them, it's one of the 'buy new' options I'm considering.

  • Soz, was just saying I have one, not selling right now, but yeah a recommendation of sorts - simply cos it’s unusual it takes a muddy.

  • No worries, cheers - so out of interest, do you have the mudguard version then? Or are even the 'normal' ones wide enough?

  • Yep. It has a sort of scalloped top to accept a guard, I’ve got a ~35mm one in there just.

    No idea about other forks.

  • Still open to suggestions if someone has a used one they'd like to sell.

  • ... and still looking...

  • Still haven't found anything, so far the steerers were always just a bit too short...

  • I have a rare full carbon Colnago Star Carbon fork for sale with 26,5 cm of steerer here in Denmark. Not cheap though. Selling for what equals 213 gbp + shipping.

    Here's a link to my local classifieds ad with a few pics:

  • Thanks, that is a very nice fork, but unfortunately too expensive. Also it would be wasted on my bike!

  • Still looking, 1" forks really seem to be rarified nowadays.

  • you can get a hylix 1 inch carbon fork for 70 beans on eBay, i order one a few weeks back, hopping it arrives soon, will let you know quality when it arrives!

  • I know, that's what I'm getting if I really can't find anyone selling something used. Would appreciate some report about the quality!

  • One last push before I give up - anyone have anything out there?

  • A lot of good enough opinions on new hylix. Also used 1" forks (IMHO) all come with a good bit of unknown history and some of them tend to be quite flexy.

  • I've done at least 10 rides on my Hylix now and think it's a nicer fork than the steel De Rosa one it replaced.

  • @FredyCro @Señor_Bear

    Cheers guys, I think I'm going to pack it in and just buy the Hylix. To be honest, it wasn't just about being sceptical about "crabon", it's that I was hoping to find something a bit more 'bladed', and possibly a bit more 3k rather than UD (which is why the modern Columbus minimal isn't great for my purposes either, apart from being £100 more than the Hylix).

    I do have one question: maximum clearance is listed as '25mm', I'm planning on using rims that are a tiny bit wider than that - will that still work, or is it actually 25mm clearance?

  • I have 26mm tires and there's room for bigger

  • Perfect, that's great then - thanks! :)

  • Bought the Hylix 1" fork off ebay now - seller is marked as 'away till Feb 16th' but seems to have shipped them already anyway, fingers crossed. I paid for the slightly faster shipping, it's like £2 more but should see them here at least 2 weeks earlier - again fingers crossed!

    In any case thanks to everyone who weighed in on this, and thanks to everyone who had an older fork lying around whom I had to disappoint because the steerer was 5mm too short - sorry but I really didn't have any room to play with there!

    Anyone who wants a report on how the fork's performing in the future, send me a message - at this point, I'm curious to see it myself.

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WTD: 1" carbon fork, >210mm steerer

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