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  • I'm trying to label some boxes, and wondered what the right names are for these kinds of tools and other parts:

    • Tools that don't fit any bike I own (or have ever owned).

    • Tools I keep to loan to people who don't take care of tools.

    • Things which are not tools but which might be tools in an emergency when I can't find the right tool. (E.g. toothbrushes, and old parts which might offer leverage or grip.)

    • Parts I'd never need or fit to a bike I own but which seem to accumulate. (Rusty bolts, the little knurled bits from valves, GoPro adapters for skateboards, etc.)

    • Tools that are needed once a year that you couldn't find last week when you needed them.

  • the " if you need it it's in here " box you mean, bolts without nuts, singular nails and screws, washers that don't fit anything cause they're either too big or too small, broken parts you feel sure will mend themselves, or that contain spares for parts you don't own
    you'll never delve into it's darkest deepest recesses but it's nice to know that whatever you need it'll be in there, rest assured the day after you throw it all in the trash you'll wish you hadn't

    box it and shove it right to the back in the attic or pile all those boxes of stuff you do need on top of it, and just forget about it, one day when elvis and lord lucan arrive at your front door asking for that triangular alan key you'll know where to find it, and you'll make some new friends

  • I've definitely got a box like that.

    One day I'll need those offcuts from an aluminium mudguard stay, just you wait and see.

    What's the spare part you own that's least likely to get used?

  • About a million valve stem nuts, and also v-brake curved washers. They're quite useful for spacing things out from time to time, but to be honest I probably don't need quite as many as I've got. Too good to throw away though!

  • a large bag full of old cantilever brakes and v brakes for mtb's

    i went disc 6 years ago and would never return to rim brakes, they're all promax too, so i would buy better quality ones if i ever did use them again anyhoo

    had them for about 5yrs

    *really must spring clean that shed of mine

  • The correct label for all these things, with the exception of "Tools that are needed once a year that you couldn't find last week when you needed them", is "Bin".

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Names for things

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