Demon green machine and my other (sometimes) green bikes

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  • Should work now...

    Unfortunately not, I've never actually used the VO bag. I bought it because of the decaleur system but the VO rack didnt fit the fork/stem. It sort of fit on the Nitto rack but not very securely so decided it was no point trying to bodge such an expensive bag. It is very nice thou... How do you use yours?

  • Thanks @croft !

    I've just gotta remind myself not to trackstand at the lights.

  • Par for the course with long legs, short body and this size frame. Lost a bit of my toes to the front wheel on the Sven.

  • The current cable hanger for the Pauls Racer Medium worked but the cable bend was tight and the adjuster was too tight to use so thought I could use one of these Nitto's (plus any reason to buy a Nitto product is good).

    Used the adjuster bolt on the existing hanger with the Nitto AS-2 and used a Jagwire indexed inline brake adjuster.

  • This is absolutely one of my favourite forum bikes

  • Having just seen this, it really is as pretty as everyone says

  • Thanks @stelfox! Looking forward to your Faran build thread.

  • My carbon bikes seem to all be broken at the mo, so took the guards off this and put the summer wheels on...

  • Also, chain was worn out so put on a XT m8000 12 speed chain. Works great and defo feels quieter than the previous ultegra 11 speed.

  • Looks so good. Really glad you're still enjoying it. Great ride at the weekend!

  • no paul brakes :(

  • oh yeh, took the front Paul off during winter as the cable hanger was annoying with the limited stem to wheel space and fixed the mudguard clearance with a daruma bolt.

  • Personal favorite forum bike

  • The demon survived the paris roubaix sportive. Those cobbles were brutal!

  • The demon survived

    As did you I assume? What were the conditions like?

  • I did but by the 18th sector of pave I'm not sure I was enjoying it!

    Luckily it was dry on Saturday so there were only 3-4 sectors that were a bit slippery. Then it pissed it down overnight and Sunday was another story... the pro's had a mud bath.

  • I take it back, the Demon didn't quite survive. Realised a week later that the Specialized toupe saddle cracked in half!

  • i don't think it is roubaix' doing... specialized toupe is the only saddle i ever cracked.

  • Bought a Stigmata frameset from a shop in Girona back in Oct (and smuggled it back into the uk) with the idea of building an "all road" bike with two wheelsets. It will be a winter road bike in the winter (with guards) and then a fast gravel and road bike in the summer. The Rival AXS groupset gearing seemed perfect for this. 30-46 up front and 10-36 out back. Plus I wanted to try AXS.

    Was busy back end of 2021 so finally got round to building it up last week. Rival AXS groupset, Farsports Feder 45 on DT240 EXPs, GravelKing slicks 32c, Thomson masterpiece seatpost, weird Profile Design DRV/GMR gravel bars.

  • Very nice - alsways like a green bike.
    i'm intrigued as to how you smuggled it back (don't worry i don't work for HMRC)

  • Bikes are not really high on customs radar, you can always say you took it out with you, for a riding holiday. Dismantled bike for transport in luggage is the norm to protect it.

  • Haha. I really just meant I bought it in a shop while over there and had it in the car when I drove back. Customs at Calais were more interested in whether I'd stopped at Citi Europe and had any stowaways aboard.

  • Oh yes, this looks nice, would love a green bike

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Demon green machine and my other (sometimes) green bikes

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