Demon green machine

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  • Classy! A fine steed.:)

  • It was built for ferry action. So pleased its being used (and enjoyed) for the sort of riding I had in mind for it. I think you've done a far nicer/classier job with your build than I managed. It really does look fantastic. 👏

  • Thanks @yetidamo! Glad I created my own interpretation of it but your silver themed build was equally good.

  • Am also thinking this bike needs a top tube frame pump (ideally colour matched to the frame). Any suggestions on a pump?

  • Super tasteful, love it

  • It's ace. I believe silver mudguards would have made it IG repost material, that or blackened rims with current guards. Either way, da 9000 looks great on it

  • Thanks. As all black rims always look better, I have contemplated putting these on for some more spirited riding...

    farsports 30mm/Hope rs mono/Open corsa cx

  • Do it! DO IT! DOOOO ITTT!!! 😉

  • agreed! reading through the thread i was tempted to stick my nose in and say 'de-sticker the rims!', as the frameset is such a stunner in its own right

  • 100% de-sticker the rims

  • 3 people have said this now (one IRL), so they're coming off...

  • Will of the people!

  • Was in california for a month so got some new bits...

    Going on soon!

  • Arundel cages went on and work/look great.

    Pauls Racer Medium went on a while ago and gives more guard clearance on the front. Also looks cool and is quite powerful.

    The VO rack was a non-starter. The front end geometry and stem position doesn't play well with the decaleur. This is a shame as I thought the whole Road Runner x VO rando bag would be super cool. Not going to have much use for them so probably going to sell them on.

    Ended up getting a Nitto M18, which fit well after a bit of fiddling but took it off in the end as I wasn't using a bag on it much or doing any super long rides.

  • Love it!

  • Love this bike so much

  • Decided I needed to go back to a shorter stem so put on a 100mm Thomson X2 last month. Not as tidy as the Kalloy but gave more room on the steerer to fit the cable guide for the front brake and the gloss finish matches the frame well. Also -10 looks better.

  • Got a couple of punctures over the winter on the Michelin Pro4 Endurance V2 tyres 25c (i think they'd been used a fair bit on my previous build) so went bigger and tubeless on Saturday. I like the idea of tubeless road in the winter.

    Panaracer Gravelking slicks 32c, black sidewalls. Went up easy on the Pacenti SL23 v2 rims with one layer of Tesa tape. Needed sealant (Caffelatex) to stop the slow air leaks around the rim bead. Running them at 60psi for winter club run duties.

    Happy with the result. Went from 25c to 32c, tubes to tubeless+sealant and had a net 120g saving across both wheels!

  • This is possibly the sexiest frame on the forum, but it does look strangely proportioned to me. The front clearance is quite tight, but it looks quite long at the back. Is that deliberate?

  • Beautiful bike

  • It was custom geometry specced by @yetidamo, implemented by DemonFrameworks to achieve (amongst other things) the right stack/reach for his t-rex arms as he puts it! Hence, as you say the front is tight.

    To me, this has meant a fair amount of toe overlap (which I don't mind) and odd brake caliper/guard clearance on the front which I've had to work around. All quirks of a custom, 2nd hand bike! :)

  • Yeah the geometry is fairly specific to my odd proportions. The long stays were intentional. To give stability when fully loaded for touring. Its surprisingly spritely considering though.

    So pleased that @damitamit is enjoying it and it's gone to a good home. I bet its even better with the thicc tyres 👌

  • Late to the party, but this is super classy.
    Any toe overlap troubles?

  • some of the photos dont load @damitamit .. do you have a full pic from drive side with the VO bag?

    also I might have to register my dibs when it comes to selling it :)

  • There are nearly 1/3rd a foot overlap troubles. But as Amit has intimated it's never really a problem in normal riding. It was only a couple of times doing very low speed tight manoeuvres, ie once weaving though some bollards, that it tried (and failed) to take me down.

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Demon green machine

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