Demon green machine

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  • So I bought a very nice frame from a very nice guy, @yetidamo as part of his big bike reshuffle.

    Haven't fully decided on the build yet but will probably be DA 9000 groupset with 6800 shifters, Shimano long drops, black stem/seatpost. Not sure on wheels yet.

    It will be my audax/winter bike to replace a Kinesis GF Ti that I've had for years. Most of the parts will be taken from this.

    The frame...

  • 👌Subbed.

  • Not usually into green bikes, but that's lovely.

    Would look awesome with a mixture of gunmetal and polished parts, also some gumwalls.

  • That’s an awesome frameset!

  • Stunning frameset. Will watch for progress.

  • Superb - What's the tubing?

  • The main tubes are all Reynolds 953, including the forks. Think the stays are another brand, but all tubes are stainless. All the lugs are stainless too. Rene Singer lugs to be precise. She's a stunner!

  • Beautiful...

  • good to see this in the projects - subbed

  • Thanks, It looks fantastic.

  • Didn't demon frameworks make his own lugs? Maybe this any early frame

  • Yeah now he makes his own lugs. I think this was one of the last (if not the last) frames using non in house Demon lugs.

  • Yep, what @yetidamo said. All stainless.

    The geometry is custom too and part of the reason I was drawn to @yetidemo's sale. Short TT, resulting in a 360mm reach for a 550mm stack. This should work well for my long legs, short torso body and enable me to use a normal sized stem rather than the 70/80mm i usually use.

  • Drivetrain parts removed from the other bike and cleaned up this weekend...

  • Just looking through his insta...he used to fabricate lugs by welding/brazing to tube and carving out one of 2 design for lugs.
    Only recently he's had the design cast into lugs so should be far less labour intensive.
    Work of art.

  • Yeah he was telling me he used to break about 20 needle files per lug. Or some crazy number anyway. His hands were cracked and bruised from all the fine work, polishing etc. He's a proper artist.

  • Was the orange lug lining matched to the CK headset or was it happy coincidence?

  • I wanted the sparkly green with a more muted orange. The headset was more chosen to match the lug lining and detailing rather than the other way round. Glad it's gone to a good home who will appreciate it in @damitamit

  • He went through over 100 files for @LongAndWinding 's frame. See first page of this­91/

    I'll see if I can get her to update the final bike pics in the thread

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Demon green machine

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