Wanted - Freewheel & broken Campag 10 Speed shifters

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  • I’m after the last few bits for my Flyer

    • knackered 10 speed Campag shifters for stripping to brake levers.

    • robust free wheel in 18 or 16T Clickster or White Industries preferred


  • Zipp Service Course sl Stem 100mm?

  • Just beaten to it I’m afraid

    Bontrager one came in for a while £10!

  • List amended

  • Got a set of black deep rim HPlus wheels on Halo flip flop hubs. Almost new, never seen a brake. Need to find and get them off the bike first. Cheers. T

  • Sounds promising as long as they are not too deep

  • Think it’s the SL42’s. Will check for you. Hope all well. T

  • May be to deep, will wait for photos

    All is getting there, hope you had a good festive period matey

  • Edited as I should really be less fussy about the seat post....

  • I've a carbon Record seat post in 27.2mm size but it has issues. OK, the issues are that the original owner decided to cut it down so the length might not work for you. Let me know if you are interested and how short would be acceptable to you? See, size does matter in so many ways!!!!!

  • LoL

    I Can measure on the 8th, but I think I need a 250 min.

    I Have attached a photo of current sp for comical Internet estimate in the mean time

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    • 9B639176-B134-4159-8461-2DC08E39A100.png
  • Nice picture but my post is nowhere near long enough if that is the set up you will be going with.

  • Bugger

    Thought so

    Thanks for asking though matey

  • Love to see some pics and have some details if Ecobeard passes

  • Bump

    anything around?

  • Deda super zero?

  • Hmmm

    Got any photos at all?

  • It's brand new last years model. Black on black

  • Edit & Edit - Seat post found, apologies

  • Quella have got 40mm rimmed wheels on sale online inc flip-flop hubs. Just bought some they are not light but look great and are sturdy.

  • Not the ones for me, but thanks

  • Just shifters and freewheel left to find now

    Picked up some Zipp track hubs for some lols Wheels....

  • Hey

    I was looking to do the same with a set of Campy brifters that I had, but looking at the design it seemed that stripping out the gear lever and mechanism would leave the brake lever without any spring back. Is this the case, or I have I missed something? Perhaps you can rely solely on the brake caliper springs to give the levers enough pull..?

  • Are they 10 speed?

    It should be the same on 8 & 9 speed, i think, but i’m Sure you can remove the entire gear mechanism in the shifter and leave a spring and carrier body in them for the levers.

    Terry at Brixton cycles showed me how to do it, but to be honest I need to refresh myself when I find a pair to work on.

    I’m sure there is a video on t’internet somewhere as well, i’ll See what I either remember or can find on line later.

    Either way the levers never ‘dangled’ and I don’t think it was just to do with the pull on the calipers.

  • Yes they were 10 speed Centaur alu.

    Cool, because the beautiful design of the levers would lend themselves nicely to SS - if you can get them to not dangle. I might have kept them had I known it was possible to convert nicely.

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Wanted - Freewheel & broken Campag 10 Speed shifters

Posted by Avatar for Ecobeard @Ecobeard