Inbred with custom bits

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  • agh it seems i totally misunderstood you there, sorry about that, these are shimano deore M615 calipers - seem to work well

  • Powertap rear wheel innit.

  • My plan was to stick Shimano brakes on it at some point anyway but I feel bad pulling off working brakes just to fix some niggles with the Maguras. Mine is only scumbag commuter bike so doesn't get much love.

  • Ta. Yeah I need to have another look and remind myself where the caliper body is hitting the frame. There's less meat on the Shimano body but it might still connect.

  • nice. do you know before >after in terms of tyre clearance?

  • This is my issue - the Magura Louise can't be moved back because the frame fouls:

    It already looks like mine has been filed a bit to fit the caliper.

  • Thats one big boy caliper, the lower bolt was definitely filed away. Shimano fit just fine, there is quite some wiggle room, attaching a better photo of the caliper. If i were you i would try what alsoPhilDAS suggested - fit a 180 rotor, there seems to be room, and it would be the least expensive way to sort this.

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  • Powertap disc hub means I'm limited to a 160mm rotor. I've been looking to change to Shimano brakes for ages but the Maguras still work so I'm loathe to upgrade. Well, they did work, now they're not so good :)

  • There is this shop, that does some crazy discounts, you could hunt around there. Currently they a have a sale on sram level brakes just 14eur. but only the front,so you would need a new hose for the back. Also they have cheap shimano m315, nothing fancy but for a commuter who cares :) I just dont know if they ship to UK.­-disc-brake-level-t-160mm-postmount-l-75­0mm-w-o-disc-black-92-5019-891-070.html

    edit, forgot to tag you @hippy

  • How does the hub limit the rotor size?

  • They're special 8-bolt rotors to clear the Powertap electronics.

  • Proprietary interface, rotors only produced in 160mm.

    edit - fat man beat me

  • And you need that wheel on your inbred commuter bike because...

  • That's what I said.

    edit - fat man beat me

    You know it.

  • Because if I didn't have it, the bike wouldn't go very far given I don't have any other 26" wheels at home. Also, hello, it's hippy: no power data, no ride. Also, this bike with knobbies is my MTB race bike. It's also done some hilly audaxes. Also...

  • You’re crazy, man.

    26” wheels are cheap. Replace it and stop moaning all over the internet

  • Are you mental? Why would I get rid of a functional powermeter to keep a shitty brake?

  • Because it’s only half functional. It rolls fine, slows down poorly

  • Which could be fixed by swapping the chainring back or taking a link out of the chain. Both more sensible options than ditching a powermeter wheel and buying a new wheel.
    The brake still functions, just sub-optimally and there's a front brake. It's a niggle, not a show-stopper - which is why I'm hesitant to buy new brakes for it even though I want some.

  • Take a link out then, what you whining about?

  • What whining? You're the ones that keep suggesting poor "fixes" I have to explain away.
    Link? Because I change gears on it I like the chain to stay long to cater for the options.
    The brakes are what need to change but I don't like upgrading cheap bikes when the parts still work. Because waste. You're welcome to buy the Maguras.

  • Did your rotor come with the adapter to mount it or did you buy it separate?

    ie. like this IS adapter:­ake-calliper-adapter/

  • When i bought avids, they came with the adapters. Shimano did not. I guess it depends

  • How do I get one of those front racks? I have the same frames w/ surly 26" 1x1 fork I think and cant find a front rack with enough clearance to sit above the 700c big apple tyres after bolting to the brakes bosses.


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Inbred with custom bits

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