HH Spec Allez Sprint Comp

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  • Hi

    Just sold my 2001 Spec Festina to buy some more up-to-date stuff for the next season

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  • As i loved the frame‘s aero details i wanted to get something similar and came across the allez sprint frame

    My aim was to keep the budget restricted so instead of purchasing the frameset, i decided to buy the complete bike selling most of the standard parts

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  • The groupset is already gone, leaving the wheels (anyone interested?) and some smaller parts

    I will replace the 105 groupset with a DA 7900 + rotor 3d + trp 980

    Wheels will be vision metron tubulars

    Still need:

    • saddle (would love a fizik volta but I missed a cheap one in the bay)

    • bottle cages

    • stem (picture displays a -14 deg spec stem and I also have a spare Zipp sprint wirh -12 deg, but suggestions welcome)

    What also needs to be fixed is that spec delivers the major black parts (seatpost and fork) with a matte (seatpost) and a glossy (fork) finish.

    I will most likely work on a matte fork, but have not yet decided what i am going to do (sand and/or paint)


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  • Please go for DA9000

  • That Festina is insane 😭

  • while you've got it stripped could you weigh the frame? Pretty interested in how hefty these are.

    I've also got one of those S-Works stems that you can change the angle on in a 120 if that interest you?

  • Would love to but budgt says no (had the 7900 laying around from a project that died)

  • Can doozle and will let you know - only the frame or the frameset (including or excluding seatpost)?

    I think there isnt even clear coat on it so I would expect the frame(set) to be slightly lighter that the painted ones

    I really like the brushed finish

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  • Thanks, loved it

  • Fork 392g

    Frame 1395 (including one BB bearing and headset)

  • Here's one on crank ADDIGTS love to do one the same. I'm currently running a old allez on spare parts as a winter bike.

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  • Just notice its not a sprint :-(

  • Nice build except for the silver DA cranks (thats why i went for the rotor)

    Did he strip off the paint?

    Current status of mine below (brakes, saddle missing)

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  • The DA cranks are the best bit

  • I agree with you black crankset loooks better .regards that allez he does not say he strip the paint off.
    Check crank ADDIGTS forum got a few allez builts on there .

  • Love these frames, got one in 49cm!

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  • Wow looks tiny .

  • Done

    ...except for steerer cutting in spring

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  • Looking good

  • Looks fast!

  • Fast. Hope you’re flexible!

  • Thx

    Much appreciated

  • Glad he followed my advice ;-{

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HH Spec Allez Sprint Comp

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