Mystery noise from rear wheel

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  • My rear wheel has started making weird noises, mainly when going downhill, or after hitting a bump.

    It sounds like this:

    I've had a check, and nothing seems to be loose (rack, mudguard, pannier) so would I be right in thinking that it is most likely the hub internals making it? Mavic Ksyrium Equipe.

    Thanks in advance

  • Something's binding. Check for rough bearings. Check the freehub body bearings and for sticky pawls too. Check the skewer is tight too in case skewer was spinning.

  • ah yes, ive had this, undo the axle with an allen key on the NDS, pull off the freehub and get some oil in the pawls and the surface of the nylon part. Mine did that and would start making the chain slap the stay as it freewheeled intermittently. If you use grease it tends to be too thick and not really help.

  • thanks a lot, I'll have a look when I get back home tonight.

  • Had this happen on my Mavic Aksium. Removed the freehub and cleaned everything. Then lightly oiled the pawls and seals with some car engine oil and it’s been fine ever since.

  • I tightened the skewers and the noise has not happened again.

    DIY skills 1/10

  • Is it a Mavic wheel though? If so it’s almost definitely the Mavic scream of death.

    Edit, just read that it is. Starts off occasional and ends up with your freewheel getting stuck and the chain going slack/fucking shit up. You should give it a good service as @farewell said.

  • yeah it is. It was serviced pretty recently, say 600 miles ago because it was seized.

    As long as it gets me to work and back tomorrow I'll be happy

    I think I'll start saving for some new wheels. I fancy a dynamo for my nighttkme seaside trips.

  • I would double check the lock nuts especially if the wheel has been serviced recently, sometimes if their not tight they can tighten up causing the cones to grind against the bearings

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Mystery noise from rear wheel

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