• After a new mountain bike in 29+ flavour. L or XL could probably both work. 19-20".

    Surly Krampus or ECR would be ideal, or something similar.


  • Lol that front mudguard

  • Lol that 26” wheel size more like

  • What's wrong with 26s? I have a Troll and it's rad af

    Edit: I mean aside from being not what the OP is asking for ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Like the look of the troll. Worth the asking price?

  • Worth the asking price?

    Frame alone goes for around 500 squids new.

  • Hey @Jon. When do you want it? Happy waiting until May?

    I'v got an XL Krampus, 2015 I think, Green. It doesn't have mounts on the forks, so not optimum bikepacker, but plenty of fun, and plenty capable. And I've strapped a few day's worth of supplies to it without much trouble.

    I'm looking at getting something different in the spring, and would happy to part with it for £550. Unfortunately, I'm in the Switzerland, and the Krampus and me will be here till end of April.

    I'll find photos and check the size (it might be an L) if you're interested. Or anyone else, for that matter.

  • This sounds ideal, but I'll need the bike by February at the latest: a big trip planned for March in Morocco.

  • There's an XL krampus frameset on ebay, you're probs aware

  • yup, beady eye on that one.

  • Cool. Morocco in March sounds great. Happy hunting!

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WTD: 29er+ for bike packing adventures, e.g Surly Krampus, etc.

Posted by Avatar for Jon. @Jon.