Ratty retro Marin... monster? gravel? 26er SOLD

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  • I need this gone to make some space. Was going to build it into a gravel bike with drops. The SE frameset is nice stuff, a lighter blend of Tange tubes over the standard Bear Valley. Included is a kalloy post, selle saddle, cinelli Vai stem and new Deda piegas.

    Condition is ratty but there are no dings / dents - just a bit of rust in places

    Size wise I'd say 5ft10-6ft3 would be okay (it's 20")

    I'm located in NW Wales so postage is probably best...am in Nottingham fairly regularly too though so pm me if you're localish and interested!

    Am looking for £80 for everything+pp fees (that's posted)

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  • sorry wrong bike replied too please ignore this comment

  • ok

  • Renewing this thread with a new price/parts fitted!

    A nice potential project for somebody...

  • what new parts fitted?

  • It was previously in MTB mode with a flat bar / mtb groupset

  • Hey

    Do you know the stack, reach and seat tube angle of the frame? Or can the geometry be found online somewhere maybe?

    Many thanks


  • Alright,

    1995 Marin catalogue in German - http://www.mtb-kataloge.de/Bikekataloge/­PDF/Marin/1995.pdf

    The 'sitzwinkel' which i think must be seat tube, angle is 74 deg

    I should be able to get you stack and reach measurements tomorrow, and some better photos too


  • Brilliant, thanks v much Meds

  • Bargain is this, they ride fantastically. I've a colleague who converted his SE into a tourer. If it was a size smaller I'd bee all over this. GLWS.

  • No worries. I've just finished work so will try and sort out measurements and those pictures.

  • Thanks for your comment - half making me want to hang onto it haha

  • Size measurements are 20.5 seat tube (centre-top) - (pretty much 19 c-c), top tube is 23"

    @user97955 Elliot - I know this isn't stack and reach but unsure how to do this with just the parts seen ie without wheels. Can you go off the measurements?

    More pictures as promised..

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  • More pictures

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  • 1 1/8”?

  • Messaging with a few questionzzz

  • Dibsed and PMd. LET’S DO THIS.

  • Lol sweet, replied!

    SOLD TO @vilms5000

  • I love this! I do up as many Marin’s as i can get my hands on through our shop, they never disappoint.

  • Yup, very excited to get this.
    I’m going to single speed it for a bit while I think about which bike to use for thrashing about/commuting (by which I mean > I have a Bolinas Ridge soaking its bottom bracket in some caustic soda, which SHOULD be the commuter... but as I’ve never dealt with a seized bottom bracket before, I’m not counting my bikes before they’re -um- built).

    At the moment*, this Bear Valley SE is getting a new wheelset from Spa and a mix of Dia-Compe and Shimano bits to get it working. Dunno whether to try to get old DeoreXT stuff or what... eventually, it’s going to be used for ad-hoc rides out (nothing longer or more gnarly than Tooting to Brighton via the Downs Link), so it doesn’t have to be sporty.

    (*always happy to take recommendations!)

  • +1 for the dia compe and XT. I’m currently monstouring up a Bobcat Trail for spring/summer touring.

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  • Nice! hmmm, that’s making me think ‘drops’...

  • These are going to be replaced with a set with less reach, i’m thinking Nitto dirt-drops stem and bars when funds allow.

  • I'm very pleased you bought this as I kept getting tempted even though I 100% don't need it!

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Ratty retro Marin... monster? gravel? 26er SOLD

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