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  • I am often, at final stage, appointed as our independent reviewer of student complaints.
    As such I may be able to help but aside from that all the solicitors I have correspondence received via our socilictors have been terrible. That said everyone has successfully gained compensation all settled out of court.

  • Don’t think he’s on here but a mate of mine is a lawyer (who also into cycling) so will fire him over a copy of your post and see if it’s someting he could help with or if he can recommend someone that can.

  • Ah cheers, that would be very good of you.

    Not expecting freebies or anything, just want a bit of reassurance I'm getting sound advice from the right people!

  • It’s not my mates field I’m afraid. He’s more corporate law.

    He did reckon you might be after a litigator rather than a lawyer though.

  • Cheers for asking anyway!

    Have a few leads now so hopefully will be able to steer a path through all these legalisms somehow...

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