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  • Bit of a random one - does anyone know Andy Moir (might have surname slightly wrong)? Used to (and may still) play polo in Edinburgh. Keen cyclist - remember he was into long endurance races like the Strathpuffer.

    A bit of a long shot, but figure someone might know him.

  • @retrodirect/glowbike aka Colin Woof is worth a shout. Not been on here for 6 months, but he's active over there: https://www.instagram.com/colin_woof/

  • Andy Laing? aka adventure Andy?

    If yes, he's living up north on the black isle nowadays. Can still be found at singlespeed mountainbike events. He's not in Edinburgh very much though.

    Edit: It turns out this website tells me when folk are talking about me :)

  • ha. it was him that made that distandem that was in the news?!

  • Aye, but we all saw it on social media before it was cool...

  • Ah cool! That’s the one, no idea how I got his surname so wrong. Does anyone have a contact for him at all? I don’t have Facebook, would be nice to drop him an email.

  • Anyone got a small, complete bike they are looking to part with?

    The person who would need it is 5’3, so I reckon 49-52 frame would be the best sizes

    They just need something that they can get to work and back on.

    Budget is ideally around £200 but could go up to £350 at a stretch



  • Have quite a nice Raleigh mixte which could go for a lot less than that budget... but up here in Aberdeen.

  • Sounds almost perfect

    Got any photos you can DM?

  • Its at the workshop at the moment, I'll get some tonight.

    Currently setup with drops and awful foam bar cushioning, however I've got a nice set of Nitto B483 swept back commuter bars for it.

  • Sounds snazzy, cheers fella

  • I've just sent him a message for you sending him here. x

  • @nefarious
    andy here. Im really long overdue a catch up will all the old Edinburgh gang.

  • The wee man is bossing his balance bike and will soon be wanting pedals. The internet loves an Isla 14 with Frog 40 in second place. If you happen to have one of these or similar unused, I would be very happy to take it off your hands!

    No great rush: his birthday’s not until August

  • Decathlon's kids bikes are very good for learners. My partner uses a small fleet of them to teach people (of all ages) to ride.

  • Thanks! I’ve seen them recommended but was a bit put off by the weight (8.9kg! More than half his weight!)

    Was keen on a 2nd hand Isla/frog as they’re only 6kg ish

  • posting here- my mavic GP4 ( purple and yellow label) with Conti-gatorskin/sprinter tubular was nicked today from my close . They had access to it by reaching thru and unbolting it . my error for not locking it.
    Please keep your ears open if some wido tries to shift it. I'm not on FB or any social media.

  • Does anyone have a wheelbuilding stand I could rent/borrow?

  • Me. But I need it at the moment. How urgent?

  • Not at all urgent - I have 0% of the parts to build a wheel at the moment. Would it be available in, say, 2-3 weeks?

  • Yeah, just need to finish off a wheel or three. Fire over a PM when you've collected your parts up!

  • Anyone got a bike stand I could borrow for a day or two?

  • A work stand?

    If so, yes

  • Me too

  • Thanks both - I've taken up @Ecobeard on his kind offer.

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Edinburgh misc. thread

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